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U.S. Army Says No to Historic Revisionism .. Again…

The folks who want to erase all traces of everything before 2008 have run into a little problem called the United States Army.

Previously, these idle leftists wanted some streets renamed. The Army said NOPE.

This time they wanted a whole base renamed. It looks like the Army is still offering a HELL NOPE.

To date, suggestions to change Fort Bragg’s name have been limited to newspaper and social media editorials, which have called for removing all Confederate names from U.S. military facilities.

CNN reported Monday that the Army declined to change the street names at Fort Hamilton, because it says they honor soldiers who played a significant role in American history “as individuals, not as any particular cause or ideology.”

U.S. Rep. Yvette Clarke of Brooklyn led the effort to change the street names, media outlets reported.

Clarke dismissed the Army’s “excuse” in an interview with the Brooklyn Daily.

Had they caved on the streets, the base would have been next, at least if the online activists and opinion writers have any say about it. Which they do.

There is something very silly in the effort to rename streets and bases that are named for Confederates. I mean, besides all the usual arguments about history and blah blah blah. I am instead talking about the fact that naming a street or a base or a town after something isn’t necessarily venerating or honoring it. Just ask Toad Suck, Arkansas, Roachtown, Illinois, Hell, Michigan, or even Blue Ball, Pennsylvania.

You see what I mean?

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