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Senate Dems plan to grind chamber to a CRAWL over …

According to Bloomberg News reporter Sahil Kapur, the Democrats in the Senate are about to wage what he dubs as the equivalent of ‘trench warfare’ in the Senate in order to slow progress in the chamber down to a crawl.

He explains below:

Democrats don’t really care about transparency here, they just don’t like that Republicans are trying to ‘repeal’ Obamacare.

Remember the filibuster threat on Gorsuch from Schumer? It’s always his answer to obstruct when he doesn’t like something.

Also, since when have Democrats become the standard when it comes to transparency?

Look, I do believe in transparency and want Republicans to do this out in the open where it can be seen by all. We have a right to see what they’re writing. But unfortunately it seems that no one in DC these days, Republicans or Democrats, care much about transparency when they are the ones wielding the legislative sword.

(h/t: Lawnewz)

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