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Democrat Keith Ellison Thinks Kim Jong Un Better T…

Keith Ellison thinks North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is better at foreign affairs and policy and better at acting responsibly than President Trump, and he’s not afraid to say so. On video.

“North Korea is a serious thing. You have this guy making bellicose threats against somebody else who has very little to lose over there. Kim Jong Un … the world always thought he was not a responsible leader. Well he’s acting more responsible than this guy is.”

So when he says “this guy making bellicose threats” he’s referring to Trump, not the dictator madman who has spent years pursuing nuclear weapons while threatening to use them against, among other targets, the United States. I expected the reflexive attack Trump position would morph into pro-Kim sympathy sooner or later. Guess it was sooner. Ellison flatly states that Kim Jong Un is being a more responsible leader than Trump.

At Hot Air, John Sexton destroys, obliterates, and crushes the stupid idiotic idea from stupid idiot Ellison that Kim Jong Un acts responsibly. Here’s a sample:

This is hogwash to put it mildly. Trump’s “fire and fury” remark certainly wasn’t the kind of mild saber-rattling we’re used to hearing, but the North Korean regime makes far worse threats against the U.S. on a regular basis and has been for years. Recall North Korea’s recent response to UN sanctions last week:

Two weeks ago, North Korea threatened a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the heart of America:

That’s just a taste. Sexton has a LOT more in his article.

Stupid idiot Ellison doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s a Democrat. In fact, he was almost the chair of their party. Amazing.

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