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Paris attacker “probably dead” after he rammed car…

A man drove his vehicle into a police car in Paris at the same location where a police officer was killed by a terrorist in April.

The AP has the details:

4:25 p.m.

Two French police officials have told The Associated Press that a suspected attacker drove into a police vehicle on the Champs-Elysees shopping district in Paris, and is now lying on the ground immobilized.

It is unclear the attacker has been killed or why he drove into the police Monday. The officials weren’t authorized to be publicly named.

The suspect is wearing a white shirt and dark shorts and prone on his stomach on the avenue.

Police ringed the area as tourists and other onlookers gathered.

4:55 p.m.

A French security official says that the attacker on Champs-Elysees avenue is probably dead and the bomb squad is on the scene.

Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet says the driver whose car exploded as he tried to ram a police vehicle is “most probably” dead.

Brandet said bomb squads were still securing the scene. He said the attacker appeared to have acted deliberately.

So his car exploded? Wow. I’m guessing that’s how the guy is laying on the pavement dead.

I’ll have more on this as it develops…

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