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Megyn Kelly shouldn’t have interviewed Alex Jones …

Bill O’Reilly has an interview with Glenn Beck where he says that Megyn Kelly shouldn’t have interviewed Alex Jones because he’s such a lowlife for spreading conspiracy theories about the Newtown massacre, but when pressed about Trump interviewing with Jones, he excuses it.

Watch below:

O’Reilly explains away what Trump was doing by interviewing with Alex Jones by saying it was a way to needle the press that hates him so much. Now he also says that was a bad idea too, but it’s funny that he makes excuses for Trump, while criticizing Megyn Kelly.

I find it endlessly fascinating how defenders of Trump have much higher expectations of his critics, for instance Megyn Kelly who is just a journalist, than the guy in the most powerful office in the entire world. I often note that they have very high moral standards for Mexy conservative bloggers while excusing every possible character flaw in the prezzy.

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