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Disgusting! Guess who Scott Pelley is BLAMING for …

CBS is firing CBS anchor Scott Pelley because of low ratings and because people are complaining he’s too critical of Trump, so he decided to let’er rip and be as douchey as possible to Republicans.

And he’s doing it by blaming Republicans for the “Bernie Bro” who tried to assassinate Republicans.

Here’s what he said:

“Foreseeable, predictable, to some degree self-inflicted”? What the hell does that even mean? If Scott effing Pelley is so brilliant that he foresaw Bernie’s guy taking a rifle and a handgun to the congressional baseball practice game THEN WHY THE HELL DIDN’T HE TELL ANYONE.

What a scummy thing to say. Of course he doesn’t really mean it’s “foreseeable” and “predictable,” that’s just a nice way of saying Scalise deserved it. I’ll give him some props for actually including Bernie’s heated rhetoric against Trump, but notice there’s no talk of Democrats – Bernie is an Independent. So he blames alt-right conspiracy theories, Trump, and Bernie… funny list, huh?

So while he tries to frame it as a “we’re all to blame” kinda thing, his choice of words betray what he really thinks – Republicans deserve to be shot because our political speech is too heated. No wonder they’re firing the idiot.

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