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Liberty University Professor Launches ‘Digital Det…

A Liberty University professor has launched a “digital detox” program to help students kick their addiction to social media.

“I’m here to preserve humanity. Face-to-face contact is so important, and the more we are looking down at our screens, the less we exercise the muscles of our emotional intelligence,” Dr. Sylvia Frejd told The College Fix.

“Life is about relationships, with our parents, spouses, friends, kids, and bosses, and we cannot allow technology to erode them.”

Frejd, a minister and counselor, founded the Center for Digital Wellness at the Christian school in Lynchburg, Va., added:

“When our video games stop us from going outside with friends or our phones interrupt our dinner conversations, that is technology’s negative impact.

“I’m not advocating that we never use technology, but we should teach its usage as we teach healthy eating. It’s important to make healthy choices so that we can reach our full potential and avoid addiction.”

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