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White House Denies Flynn Pardon Plans; Roy Moore Apparently Widens Lead

Check out Bill’s Daily Briefing for Wednesday, December 6, where we round up the day’s biggest headlines for your perusal. Take a look.

Committee to See FBI Agent’s Anti-Trump Texts

The House Intelligence Committee, after weeks of subpoenas and requests, will finally obtain those inflammatory texts written by FBI agent Peter Strzok.  He’s the guy who was fired from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team after it was learned that he had sent Trump-loathing, Hillary-loving texts to another FBI lawyer who was also his girlfriend.  Strzok was deeply involved in the bureau’s interrogation of Hillary Clinton and reportedly helped her greatly by softening the language used by then-FBI boss James Comey at his famous news conference.  The bureau has scrubbed all information about Strzok from its website.

Another Tainted Muller Man

On the subject of biased investigators, Robert Mueller’s top aide Andrew Weissmann, known to be a pit bull of a prosecutor, effusively praised former acting Attorney General Sally Yates when she defied President Trump in January.  You may recall that Yates refused to enforce the first “travel ban,” after which Weissmann sent her an obsequious note saying he was “so proud” of her actions.

White House Denies Flynn Pardon Plans

Using bureaucratic language that could easily be walked back at some future date, White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders said yesterday she is “not aware” of any plans to pardon Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.  Flynn was President Trump’s national security adviser for less than a month and the president has expressed empathy with his current situation.

Roy Moore Apparently Widens Lead

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has seemingly recovered from those allegations of long-ago dalliances with very young girls.  According to a poll taken by an Alabama firm, the Republican now has a seven-point advantage over his Democratic opponent Doug Jones.  Jones, meanwhile, has gone on the attack, saying Judge Moore belongs in prison, not the Senate.  The special election is coming up six days from now.

Tax Reform Losing PR Battle

All those Democratic messages about tax reform “benefitting the rich” may be working.  According to a Quinnipiac poll, more than half of American voters disapprove of the Republican plan, while only one in three supports the proposal.  Most Americans believe the tax reform legislation unfairly benefits the wealthiest Americans.

Impeachment Vote Today!

Democratic Congressman Al Green is expected to force a vote on impeaching President Trump today.  His own party’s leadership knows it is a futile move, but Green seems determined to push ahead.  A handful of other Democrats have endorsed the articles of impeachment, but Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic bigs worry that talk of impeachment will cost them votes in next year’s midterms.

Major U.S. Move on Jerusalem

Other presidents have vowed to recognize Jerusalem as the legitimate capital of Israel, but President Trump is actually prepared to do it.  The administration says it will soon begin moving the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a decision that has been met with fury and warnings from around the world.  Even Saudi Arabia, which has been in America’s corner on most issues and seems to be liberalizing its repressive culture, denounced the move as a “flagrant provocation.”

Drug Tests for Wisconsin Food Stamp Recipients

Republican Governor Scott Walker wants Wisconsin to be the first state to drug test people who apply for food stamps.  The idea has been endorsed by state lawmakers but still faces legislative and legal hurdles before it can be implemented.  The Walker administration predicts that very few food stamp users will actually test positive, but nevertheless considers it a valuable way to get people off substances and back to work.

More Charges for Steinle Killer

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was acquitted of murder by a jury in San Francisco, but he will eventually face federal charges.  The oft-deported illegal alien who snuffed out Kate Steinle’s life has been indicted on two counts by a federal grand jury.  For the moment, he is in jail and will remain there after being convicted on a state weapons charge.

Another Honor For Kaepernick

Sports Illustrated magazine presented Colin Kaepernick with its annual ‘Muhammad Ali Legacy Award’ last night at a ceremony in Brooklyn.  After receiving the award from Beyoncé, the unemployed Kaepernick vowed to “continue to work for the people.”  He was not wearing those socks depicting cops as pigs and he did not take a knee while addressing the crowd.

More Weinstein Revelations

Disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein reportedly had lots of high-powered help as he ran roughshod over Hollywood for so many years.  The New York Times reports that agents, aides, and even journalists knew about Weinstein’s behavior and helped cover it up.  On the same subject, actress Lena Dunham, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, says she warned the Clinton campaign to keep its distance from Weinstein.  She claims to have told Clinton aides that Weinstein was a rapist and would do severe damage to the campaign.

The Sad State of California

In the day’s most distressing and depressing story, some lawyers have filed suit against California because so many of its students are unable to read.  The state is becoming increasingly divided between ultra-wealthy coastal cities and impoverished rural areas, and that applies to educational achievement as well.  Nearly half of the very lowest achieving school districts in America are in California, and those districts are certainly not in Santa Monica, Brentwood, or San Francisco.

Russia-Free Olympics

If you’re tired of hearing about Russia, the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea will be a Russia-free zone.  The country and its flag have been officially banned from the games because of widespread doping and cheating at the last Winter Games.  However, some Russian athletes who test clean will be allowed to compete independently.  This follows the banning of many Russian competitors from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil for the same reasons.

Lawmaker: Don’t Touch Me, “I Don’t Like Men”

“Stop touching me all the time!  Keep your hands to yourself!”  That was the astounding response by Pennsylvania Republican Daryl Metcalf when a Democratic lawmaker touched him on the arm.  It was certainly more compelling than the debate they were having about land use issues, but unamused Democrats are now calling for Metcalfe’s resignation. 

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