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Trump’s Full Court Press on Taxes; North Korea’s Ominous Missile Launch

Check out Bill’s Daily Briefing for Wednesday, November 29, where we round up the day’s biggest headlines for your perusal. Take a look.

Trump’s Full Court Press on Taxes

President Trump is receiving high praise for his efforts to push through tax reform, which cleared a major hurdle yesterday in the Senate Budget Committee.  The Senate version of the bill will now go to the entire chamber, perhaps as early as this week, where it is deemed to have an excellent chance of passing.  Meanwhile, hoping to get at least one Democrat on board, the president is traveling today to Missouri, home to vulnerable Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill.

Pelosi Hits Trump’s “Verbal Abuse”

Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi, who turned down an invitation to join President Trump at the White House yesterday, is now accusing the president of verbal abuse that “will no longer be tolerated.”  The president hopes to work with Democrats to avoid a government shutdown, but complains that Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer are being unreasonable in their demands.

Matt Lauer Out at NBC News!

NBC News announced this morning that it has fired longtime Today host Matt Lauer.  The termination came after another employee gave a detailed and credible account of “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.”  The network also hinted that this may not be an isolated incident.

Dems to Conyers: Time to Go!

After still more accusations of sexual misbehavior by 88-year-old Congressman John Conyers, some of his fellow Democrats want him to resign from the House.  Even Nancy Pelosi, who praised Conyers as an “icon” Sunday, is now urging the House Ethics Committee to begin an investigation into his behavior.  The “Dean of the House” admits that he paid $27,000 in taxpayer money to settle at least one sexual harassment claim.

North Korea’s Ominous Missile Launch

The latest provocation by North Korea came yesterday, when that rogue nation launched a ballistic missile that soared higher than any of its previous tests.  Kim Jong Un’s regime now boasts it has the capability of reaching any city in the United States, although many experts are skeptical about that claim.  President Trump’s pithy response:  “We will take care of it!”

Hawaii To Test Anti-Nuke Sirens

As a sign of the times, Hawaii will soon begin testing its nuclear warning sirens, which have been in mothballs since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the demise of communism.  Hawaiians, who are well within range of North Korean missiles, will hear the sirens once a month for the foreseeable future.

President Re-Tweets Anti-Muslim Videos

President Trump sent out three videos on his Twitter feed this morning, each of them alleging to show abhorrent behavior by Muslims.  The videos were posted by a far-right British politician, then re-tweeted by Trump.  President Trump is being denounced for his early morning tweets.

Benghazi Suspect Gets Off Easy

Relatives of the men killed in Benghazi are fuming today after a federal jury found Ahmed Abu Khattala guilty on only four counts.  The 46-year-old, who was tried in a civilian court and not before a military tribunal, faces a minimum sentence of ten years for his role in the murders.  Charles Woods, whose son Tyrone was killed in the terrorist attack, described the verdict as an outrageous “miscarriage of justice.”

McCain Hits Trump on “Pocahontas” Quip

Senator John McCain, no friend of President Trump, is criticizing the president for his off-the-cuff swipe at Senator Elizabeth Warren during a White House ceremony yesterday.  McCain accused the president of politicizing a solemn event and taking the focus off the bravery of the Navajo code talkers who were being honored.

Donald Trump Still a “Birther?”

According to a report in the New York Times, one anonymous senator claims that President Trump still harbors suspicions that Barack Obama was born outside of the United States.  That issue seemed to have been settled long ago when President Obama produced his birth certificate, and President Trump has even admitted that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, but some conspiracy theories die hard.

Suspected Serial Killer Nabbed in Tampa

24-year-old Howell Donaldson has been arrested and is charged with killing four people in Tampa in recent weeks.  All the murders were committed in the same neighborhood, where residents are today breathing a great sigh of relief.

Millennials Want Another (Political) Party

A poll of so-called millennials finds that a large majority of those 20-somethings want a third major political party.  Only about a quarter believe that neither Democrats nor Republicans are doing a good job of representing their interests.  63% of millennials disapprove of President Trump’s job performance, and about the same percentage believes the USA is on the wrong track.

DC Metro System Bans Religious Ad

The Archdiocese of Washington wanted to put up a rather innocuous poster on the city’s subway system.  But because the image included the three Magi, city officials decided the message was inappropriate for its riders to see.  It’s worth noting that there is no depiction of Jesus, a cross, or even a manger.  The Archdiocese has filed suit, claiming its First Amendment right to free expression is being violated.

CNN to Boycott White House Christmas Party

The feud between President Trump and CNN has reached new heights.  The network and its esteemed correspondents will skip this year’s Christmas party at the White House, although it will have a crew on hand to cover any breaking news.  White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had some fun with the announcement, saying it there was finally some “good news” from CNN.  It is not yet clear whether CNN will hold a fake Christmas party on the same day.

Newsweek Channels Jesus

Newsweek magazine, which once existed in print form, is accusing President Trump of selling Make America Great Again hats at too steep a markup.  The magazine, calling on all its religious wisdom, has determined that Jesus himself would object to the $45 caps and even cited the First Book of Timothy as proof.  There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that most Newsweek editors believe that particular book in the New Testament was actually written by Timothy Leary.

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