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Trump Warns Puerto Rico on Aid; North Korea Again Warns USA

Check out Bill’s Daily Briefing for Thursday, October 12, where we round up the day’s biggest headlines for your perusal. Take a look.

Trump Warns Puerto Rico on Aid

In an early morning tweet, President Trump declared that the federal government cannot help Puerto Rico indefinitely.  He also took another shot at the island’s history of irresponsible government and wasteful spending.  Expect a swift and vicious response from Democrats and the left.

North Korea Again Warns USA

Kim Jong Un is apparently taking offense at being called “Rocket Man” by President Trump.  A top North Korean official says the president ignited “the fuse of war” when he used that derogatory term at the United Nations.  The North Koreans have declared that they will never engage in negotiations with the Trump administration and are actually boasting that they have achieved a “balance of force” with the USA, without specifying what that actually means.

Iran Announcement Expected Tomorrow

President Trump is expected to “decertify” the Iranian nuclear arrangement that was the pride of the Obama administration on Friday.  Secretary of Defense James Mattis and some other top Trump national security advisors are reluctant to scrap the deal, while Russia and many Western European nations are also urging the president not to pull out, but he seems unlikely to heed their advice.

Trump Touts Taxes to Truckers

The president took his tax reform push to on the road to Pennsylvania yesterday, where he promoted his plan to a crowd that included hundreds of truckers.  The president predicted that an average household could see its income rise by $4,000 over eight years.  The administration is endorsing a law that will decrease the number of brackets, simplify the tax code, and lower the rate for corporations and small businesses.

Trump Hammers NBC News

President Trump took his war with the mainstream media to a new level yesterday after NBC News reported that the administration was considering a tenfold increase in the USA’s nuclear arsenal.  The president denounced the report as “pure fiction” and even raised the possibility of challenging the network’s broadcast license.  Secretary of Defense James Mattis fully backed his boss, calling the NBC News story “absolutely false” and “irresponsible.”

Report: Feds to Investigate Weinstein

The U.K. Daily Mail, which is usually very reliable, is reporting that the Department of Justice is investigating Harvey Weinstein for sex crimes.  There are also reports that Weinstein is jetting off to a $40,000-per-month rehab clinic to deal with his sex addiction.  When camera crews caught up with Weinstein this morning outside his daughter’s home, the disgraced mogul pleaded, “I need to get help.”  He added, with his customary colorful language, a message to the cadre of photographers:  “You know I’ve always been loyal to you guys, not like those f****** pr*** who treat you like s***. I’ve been the good guy.”

Hillary “Shocked” by Weinstein

Hillary Clinton, who has received vast sums of campaign cash from her long-time friend Harvey Weinstein, now says those contributions will be donated to charity.  Still on tour promoting her book, Mrs. Clinton professed to be “sick” and “appalled” after reading about the accusations against her old pal and benefactor.

Weinstein Company in Tatters

The company founded by Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob is now dealing with reports that executives knew about cash payoffs to Weinstein’s many victims.  A few board members have already resigned and it now seems likely that at least some directors were told about the settlements.  The Weinstein brothers own 42% of the company and are its largest shareholders.

NBC News Boss Denies Spiking Weinstein Story

Ronan Farrow, the former MSNBC host who wrote a scathing piece about Harvey Weinstein for The New Yorker, has claimed that NBC News passed on the salacious story.  But Noah Oppenheim, head of NBC News, denies that his organization was cowed by Weinstein’s power and influence.  Farrow maintains that NBC, for whatever reason, decided not to run the story that had been thoroughly researched and corroborated.

Hollywood Men Tell Tales of Abuse

At least two male actors have stepped forward to declare that they have also been harassed by unwanted sexual overtures.  James Van Der Beek and Terry Crews both claim they were groped and grabbed and fondled by older, powerful men.  Both actors say the revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s serial abuse inspired them to speak out.

Labor Union Enters the NFL Fray

United Labor Unions Local 100 has filed a complaint against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has stated that he will bench players who disrespect the National Anthem.  The union claims Jones would be out of bounds if he fires players illegally.  One suspects that the actual workers who labor in that union are not exactly in synch with their leadership.

Prez Carves Up ObamaCare With His Pen

Republicans have been unable to “repeal and replace,” so President Trump is taking action into his own right hand.  He will sign an executive order today designed to encourage more competition in the health insurance market.  The order will enable the creation of cheaper plans that could attract younger and healthier Americans.

New Homeland Security Boss

Kirstjen Nielsen, a cyber security expert, will be nominated to replace General John Kelly, now White House Chief of Staff, as Secretary of Homeland Security.  She had been Kelly’s top aide at DHS and also served in the Transportation Security Agency.  The 45-year-old Nielsen will have to be confirmed by the Senate.

NY Times Hires “Gender Editor”

The newspaper known as the “Old Gray Lady” has hired a young brunette woman to serve as its first “gender editor.”  Using language that can be deciphered only by academics and leftists, the paper says Jessica Bennett’s task will be to “re-imagine the news through an inter-sectional lens.”  The Times hopes that the new position will attract more female readers.

Boy Scouts to Admit Girls, Girl Scouts Upset

Here’s a scoop for the Times’ gender editor.  The Boy Scouts of America will soon begin welcoming young girls as Cub Scouts.  There will also be another program for older girls that will enable them to become elite Eagle Scouts.  All this is not sitting well with the separate Girl Scouts organization, which accuses its male counterparts of engaging in a “reckless” effort to shore up its declining membership.  Can Transgender Scouts be far behind?

Deadly California Fires Burn On

The wildfires that have been raging in Northern California are still out of control.  At last count at least 23 people have died and nearly 300 are missing.  Two major contributors are the lack of humidity and high winds, both of which are expected to continue today.  The dense smoke has even led to some flight cancellations at San Francisco’s airport.

Court to Congress: Take a Knee

In a victory for freedom of religion, a federal court has ruled that Congress can legally continue with its opening prayer.  An atheist organization had challenged the prayer, arguing that it discriminates against non-religious people.  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan celebrated the decision, which endorses a tradition that has endured for more than 200 years.

Your Daily College Update

What would a day be without some fresh college madness.  This time it comes courtesy of the law school at Seattle University, which is withdrawing its sponsorship of an event because it would include a conservative point of view.  There was to be a civil debate on immigration, but left-wingers decided that students should not be subjected to “hateful xenophobic and anti-immigrant rhetoric.”  Bowing to the gods of political correctness, the school’s dean groveled and confessed her sins, admitting that she had “miscalculated and erred” when she did not invite input from “marginalized” students.  Where do they find these people?

Trump Fans Hate NFL, Clintonistas Despise Fox News

A new poll has determined that the National Football League has become one of the most divisive brands in the country, even more divisive than Fox News or maybe even broccoli.  Voters who pulled the lever for Trump have a largely negative view of the NFL, while Fox News is hugely unpopular among those who voted for Hillary Clinton.  It brings to mind a question someone recently asked:  “Who would have thought that when America finally got a divorce, the left would get custody of the National Football League?”

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