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The Killer’s "Secret Life"; Tillerson Defends President, Denies Rift

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The Killer’s “Secret Life”

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, who has become the face of the Las Vegas investigation, is suggesting that Stephen Paddock was living a “secret life” and that we may never know what drove him to slaughter so many people.  During a press briefing last night, the sheriff also theorized that Paddock “spent decades” amassing weapons and ammunition and may even have had some help somewhere along the way.  Sheriff Lombardo also stated that Paddock may have planned to escape after carrying out his massacre.

Another Day, Another Theory

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that Paddock may have been aiming at large storage tanks filled with jet fuel during his rampage.  It may be worth noting, however, that the story relies on a “knowledgeable source,” and not a “law enforcement source.”  One aviation expert says that a machine gun bullet would never ignite a tank filled with jet fuel and that only a “very amateur terrorist” would believe that possible.  So take this story with a grain of salt.

Paddock’s Girlfriend Questioned by FBI

Marilou Danley, Stephen Paddock’s live-in girlfriend, is back in the United States and has been interrogated by the FBI.  According to her attorney, Danley was absolutely clueless about Paddock’s murderous intentions.  The couple met in a casino and had been living together for four years.  It remains unclear whether she was aware that her boyfriend had amassed a large arsenal of weapons in their homes.

The Killer’s Love of Video Poker

Stephen Paddock was known as a regular casino gambler and reportedly a high-roller with enough money to open large lines of credit at various casinos, including Mandalay Bay.  But he generally skipped blackjack, roulette, and other games that include some human interaction.  His game of choice was video poker, which actually requires some math skills and where a gambler can sit for hours and bet many thousands of dollars.

Very Moving Moment in Las Vegas Hospital

Thomas Gunderson, recovering in the hospital after being shot in the leg Sunday, insisted on standing when President Trump and Melania Trump visited his room yesterday.  It’s a stunning contrast to football players who insist on kneeling during the National Anthem.

The Left’s Deep Hatred of the NRA

Leading Democrats, talk show hosts, pundits, and leftists everywhere are singing from the same hymnal this week.  They blame Republicans, guns, and especially the National Rifle Association for the killing in Las Vegas and America’s affinity for guns.  Writing in National Review, attorney, veteran, and author David French analyzes the left’s loathing of the NRA.

Tillerson Defends President, Denies Rift

Responding to media reports that he was once close to quitting, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson forcefully insisted that he has “never considered leaving this post.”  Tillerson threw cold water on the story, which was reported by NBC News, and also scoffed at the notion that he had disparaged President Trump as a “moron.”  The president himself weighed in, tweeting that the NBC story had been “totally refuted.”  Other reports allege that there has been tension between the White House and the State Department because the secretary of state is not big on returning phone calls.  We called Tillerson for confirmation but he has not gotten back to us.

The Investigation That Won’t Die!

The Senate Intelligence Committee, still searching for links between Russia and the Trump campaign, will continue its probe indefinitely.  Republican Richard Burr, who chairs the committee, said he “can’t set a date” and vowed to continue the quest.  Meanwhile, President Trump jumped on Twitter early this morning and urged the committee to investigate what he calls “Fake News Networks.”

Black Lives Matter Silences Free Speech Event

It’s hard to miss the irony in this story.  William & Mary College decided to hold an event at which an ACLU official would discuss the importance of free speech and the First Amendment.  But students affiliated with Black Lives Matter had other plans and shut down the speaker and the event, which was eventually canceled.

Hypocrisy-Laden GOP Congressman to Quit

Republican Congressman Tim Murphy, the pro-lifer who reportedly asked his mistress to undergo an abortion, has announced that he will not run for reelection next year.  In addition to admitting to having an affair, Murphy sent text messages to his lover and advised her to end the pregnancy.  As it turns out, she was not in fact pregnant at the time.

Words of the Day: Bump Stock

Most Americans had never heard the term “bump stock” prior to this week, but we now know that Stephen Paddock used the device to transform a semi-automatic rifle into a weapon that acts more like an automatic machine gun.  Some leading gun retailers are now discontinuing the sale of bump stocks, while other stores report that customers are very interested in the devices.  A Republican Congressman has already announced that he will introduce a bipartisan bill to ban bump stocks.

Michelle Obama Criticizes White and Male GOP

The former First Lady, speaking at a conference in Philadelphia, claimed that people don’t trust politicians largely because one side of the political divide is “all white, all men.”  She added that it was embarrassing for her to attend the State of the Union addresses and notice that the Republican side was “literally gray and white.”

US Green Berets Killed in Niger Ambush

Three elite U.S. Army Green Beret soldiers were killed in the African nation of Niger yesterday.  They were on patrol with Niger forces when their convoy was ambushed near the border with Mali.  The Army has been tight-lipped about the mission, other than to say that the soldiers were involved in a counterterrorism action.

Jeb Bush Hammers Trump on Puerto Rico

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has denounced President Trump for lacking “consistency and compassion” in his response to the destruction in Puerto Rico.  Bush may be still smarting after candidate Trump derided him as a “low energy” guy during their early presidential debates.

Chicago Leads the Way in Mass Shootings

A “mass shooting” is often described as an incident where at least four people are shot in a single event.  By that definition, The Daily Caller calculates that the city of Chicago accounts for more than 10% of mass shootings in the United States.  The city, known for its tough gun laws, is infected by gang warfare and a severe lack of leadership.

God Bless Loony Professors

What would we do without ’em?  According to Stephen Mosher, a professor at Ithaca College, “God Bless America” should not be played at sporting events because it is “warmongering.”  Maybe it’s the “Land that I love” line that offends the professor.  Or could it be “From the mountains to the prairies” that inspires violence?  Irving Berlin wrote “God Bless America” in 1918, describing it as a “peace song,” and it was later used in the Civil Rights movement.  But no doubt Stephen Mosher knows more.  By the way, a year at Ithaca College will set parents back about $60,000.  Just to annoy the professor, here is a rendition by that noted warmonger Kate Smith:

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