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Steinle Family Reacts to Outrageous Verdict; Trump Tweets on "Disgraceful V…

Check out Bill’s Daily Briefing for Friday, December 1, where we round up the day’s biggest headlines for your perusal. Take a look.

Steinle Family Reacts to Outrageous Verdict

Kate Steinle’s mother, father, and brother decided to avoid the courtroom yesterday as their daughter’s killer was found not guilty on all murder charges.  But they did speak to the San Francisco Chronicle soon after, and described the entire episode as an “epic failure.”  Kate’s father Jim put it succinctly:  “Justice was rendered, but it was not served.”

Trump Tweets on “Disgraceful Verdict”

President Trump, who frequently brought up Kate Steinle’s murder while campaigning, quickly responded after the San Francisco jury found her killer not guilty of the most serious charges.  He described the trial and verdict as a “complete travesty of justice” and again declared, “BUILD THE WALL!”

Sessions Blames San Francisco, Sanctuary Cities

The United States Attorney General is implying that San Francisco officials have Kate Steinle’s blood on their hands.  Like many others, Jeff Sessions is enraged because San Francisco failed to cooperate with federal authorities and released Steinle’s killer Jose Ines Garcia Zarate.  Sessions urged other sanctuary localities to reconsider their policies, and his department is raising the possibility of filing federal charges against Zarate.

Black Friday for Tax Reform

One week ago shoppers were running wild, and today it’s the Senate’s turn.  Some Republican Senators are trying to fill their proverbial shopping carts with last-minute adjustments to the tax reform bill that will be debated and possibly voted on today.  A few GOP Senators, among them Bob Corker, are still expressing grave concerns about the bill’s impact on the deficit.  On the positive side of the ledger, Senators Steve Daines and Ron Johnson have just announced their support for the bill.

T-Rex Faces Extinction

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is apparently on his way out and will likely be replaced by Mike Pompeo, the current boss of the CIA.  There has been growing tension between Tillerson and President Trump, and even White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders is no longer denying that the secretary seems to be doomed.  His fate may have been sealed when, according to various reports, he referred to the president as “a moron.”

Conyers’ Wife Plays the Race Card

Monica Conyers, a convicted felon who spent more than two years in federal prison for accepting bribes, is accusing reporters of “stalking” her husband because he is black.  Congressman John Conyers, who has been accused of aberrant behavior and repeated sexual harassment, has reportedly been hospitalized for an unidentified stress-related condition.

Democrats Want Conyers Out

While his wife accuses the media of racism, more Democrats are urging John Conyers to resign from the House.  Part of the turnabout is the result of very graphic and disturbing revelations from former Conyers aide Marion Brown.  Ironically, Brown went public with her sordid allegations on NBC’s Today, formerly hosted by Matt Lauer.

Jimmy Kimmel to Roy Moore: Let’s Rumble!

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and late-night comic Jimmy Kimmel have been exchanging insults this week.  And now it’s come to this: Kimmel says he’s ready to go toe-to-toe with Judge Moore in a fistfight.  It has not been determined when or where the fight could take place, or whether Moore will be permitted to bring along his trusty pistol.  The feud escalated when Kimmel dispatched a comic to interrupt a Roy Moore rally:

Roy Moore Ascendent?

Unless he gets knocked out by a Jimmy Kimmel right cross, Roy Moore seems increasingly likely to win that Alabama special election.  Recent polls show that Judge Moore, after losing ground a few weeks ago, has recovered and is now leading in that deep red state.  Many Alabamans dislike and distrust the media, which have generally done everything possible to damage the Republican.

NPR, PBS Lead the Harassment Sweepstakes

National Public Radio, home to some of the most sanctimonious liberals in all of American media, has been hit hard by accusations of male misbehavior.  NPR’s news boss Michael Oreskes, a former New York Times reporter, was ousted last month.  That was followed by a string of other accusations and firings at the taxpayer-supported, left-leaning network.  Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center has compiled a handy guide to the rank hypocrisy at NPR and PBS.

Japan’s Emperor to Abdicate Throne

83-year-old Emperor Akihito will voluntarily step down in 2019, becoming the first Japanese emperor to abdicate the Chrysanthemum Throne in 200 years.  The emperor, who ascended to the throne when his father died in 1989, has recently undergone heart surgery and cancer treatment.  His son Naruhito will become Japan’s 126th emperor, continuing a tradition that began in 550 BC.

Unspeakable Murder in Philadelphia

A 23-year-old Philadelphia man named Cole Herring lured a 15-year-old girl to his home, then proceeded to stab her more than 80 times and set her dead body on fire.  The girl reportedly “met” the monster on Facebook and then traveled to Philadelphia from her home in Delaware.  Herring is charged with numerous crimes, including murder and abuse of a corpse.

New Theory in Border Agent Death

One Border Patrol agent was killed last month in Texas and his partner was severely injured.  It was initially thought that they had been ambushed and brutally beaten by illegal aliens, but now there is another theory.  The local sheriff believes that a truck may have accidentally hit the agents, who were about 30 miles from the Mexican border.

Walmart Halts Sale of Anti-Journalist Shirt

Prior to yesterday, a media-hater could go to Walmart’s website and purchase a shirt with this nasty message:  “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some Assembly Required.”  After a news organization brought the offensive shirt to Walmart’s attention, the store quickly removed the product from its online catalogue.  The retailer declared that the shirt, which was sold by a third-party vendor, “clearly violates our policy.”

Bad News for Climate Alarmists

If you believed the scare stories of 20 years ago, we should all be either dead or underwater by now.  But studies continue to show that the planet is warming far more slowly than expected in those apocalyptic scenarios.  The main issue seems to be that our atmosphere is far less sensitive to CO2 than many climate doomsayers had thought.  One eminent Princeton scientist actually contends that more CO2 can be extremely beneficial to humanity and the planet.

For the Person Who Has Everything, Continued

You know that man or woman on your Christmas list who is just so tough to buy for?  Well, consider putting up $250-million for a 65,000 acre Texas ranch called Mesa Vista.  89-year-old oil magnate T. Boone Pickens, who is not in good health these days, has decided to put his beloved ranch on the market just in time for the season of giving.  The property includes a golf course, pub, gun room, and a kennel.  For an extra million or so, you can probably convince Pickens to throw in his dogs and horses.


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