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Report: Sex Crimes by German Migrants Double In One Year

Sex crimes committed by migrants in Germany have doubled in a single year, according to a new report. Both the rate and number of offenses shot up as the country continues to struggle with the effects of Europe’s migrant crisis and Germany’s welcoming stance towards refugees. A report issued by the German government, and based on official police statistics, said that in 2016 there were 3,404 sex crimes involving migrants (defined as refugees, asylum seekers or other recent arrivals with no right to be in Germany).

The figure in 2015 was 1,683, and has increased 102% in over the course of the year. It is more than five times higher than in 2012, when there were 645 such crimes. The range of offences ranges from less serious sexual crimes up to rape. They account for 9.1% of all sex crimes – out of all proportion to the size of the group compared to the general population. Heat Street

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