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Racist Charlottesville Rally Turns Deadly; Media Focus on Trump Response

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Racist Charlottesville Rally Turns Deadly

Hundreds of protesters identified as “white nationalists” congregated this weekend for a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, the normally-serene Virginia city that has become Ground Zero for racially-charged protests.  Chaos and violence ensued when the white protesters clashed with counter-protesters.  There were arrests, bloodshed, death, and widespread condemnation from politicians of all stripes.

Media Focus on Trump Response

Many media outlets have been obsessed with President Trump’s condemnation of Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville, especially the fact that he did not single out white nationalists or neo-Nazis.  The president denounced “hatred, bigotry, and violence,” but was unusually judicious.

Charlottesville Killer IDed

James Alex Fields of Ohio has been charged with second-degree murder after plowing his car into a crowd at the Charlottesville protests and killing one woman.  The victim was a 32-year-old who was crossing the street just as Fields accelerated his Dodge Charger.  Fields’ mother said she knew her son was going to Virginia for a protest, but apparently did not know it had anything to do with white supremacism.

Justice Department Beings Investigation

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice have opened an investigation into the Virginia protests and the death of the unidentified woman.  Sessions pointedly decried “racial bigotry and hatred” and vowed that “justice will prevail.”  Two Virginia State Police pilots also died Saturday when their helicopter crashed while they were monitoring the violence.

Protests Spread to Oakland

After news of the Virginia violence spread, hundreds of protesters marched in Oakland to protest “white supremacy.”  Their march was described as peaceful, although they did block a major highway before police arrived to break up the march.  There were smaller rallies and candlelight vigils in other cities as well.

Trump Confers with President Macron Over Korea

President Trump rang up President Emmanuel Macron of France Saturday to discuss ways to defuse the escalating tension surrounding North Korea and Kim Jong Un.  The president has also spoken with the governor of Guam, a possible target of Nork missiles, and leaders in China.

Google Hammered From the Right

Conservatives and activists generally considered right of center have essentially declared war on ultra-powerful Google.  The high tech company angered many when it fired James Damore, a Google software engineer who criticized the firm’s efforts to promote “diversity.”  Damore attempted to explain why women are underrepresented in many high-tech specialties, but his notorious memo turned him into a pariah at the supposedly tolerant company.

Elizabeth Warren Refuses Powwow with Nominee

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, a darling of the far left, is reportedly blocking confirmation of Makan Delrahim, who was nominated by President Trump to run the Justice Department’s antitrust division.  She has not explained her objection and has refused to meet with Delrahim.  Even though the nomination sailed through the Senate Judiciary Committee on a 19 – 1 vote, an individual senator can delay confirmation.

Left Wing Loons Shout Down White Dem

Stacey Evans, a state legislator who is running to be the next Georgia Governor, was booed and heckled when she tried to speak at Saturday’s far-left Netroots Nation gathering.  Evans’ crime, in the eyes of the crowd, is that she is running against Stacey Abrams, a black woman.  Both candidates are Democrats, both are lawyers, both are sufficiently “progressive,” but only one has the right skin color.

Dozens of Children Die in India Hospital

As many as 60 children, half of them infants, have died in a hospital when a private supplier cut off the supply of medical oxygen after not being paid.  The head of the hospital has been suspended and an investigation is underway.  One politician proclaimed, “The government is a murderer.”

Black Reporters Shun Omarosa

Trump adviser Omarosa Manigault was greeted with animosity when she appeared at the National Association of Black Journalists conference in New Orleans.  At least two reporters refused to share the stage with Manigault, who then got into a verbal altercation with an immoderate moderator.

MSNBC Anchor Claims Focus on Opioids is Racist

A host on MSNBC, apparently very fond of the phrase “folks who look like me,” actually implied that the government is fighting the opioid crisis because it affects white people rather than folks who look like him.  Really, we’re not kidding.

Another NFL Player Emulates Kaepernick

Running back Marshawn Lynch of the Oakland Raiders opted to sit out the National Anthem Saturday before his team played a preseason game.  Lynch, who is attempting a comeback after retiring, had previously expressed support for Colin Kaepernick.

Michael Moore’s Broadway Flop

Portly provocateur Michael Moore has switched from documentaries to the stage, and the results have been generally panned by reviewers.  Moore’s Boardway show “The Terms of My Surrender,” which opened last week, had the expected anti-Trump screeches and attempts at humor, but the show is apparently not destined for a Cats-like run.

Bizarre Bazaar Marital Advice

Mixed among ads for $700 shoes, $2,300 dresses and $1,500 handbags, the women’s magazine Bazaar offers some advice to any woman unfortunate enough to be married to a Trump supporter: Divorce The Bastard!  Then go out and find a husband who believes nuclear war is a really, really bad thing.  And, of course, make sure the new guy is rich enough to buy you those very expensive baubles that keep Bazaar afloat.

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