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Proposed Bill Would Halve Legal Immigration; Illegal Aliens Voting

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Proposed Bill Would Halve Legal Immigration

President Trump and two Republican Senators are pushing legislation that would reduce the number of legal immigrants entering the country.  Right now about one-million people are admitted legally, this bill would cut that in half.  At the same time, new immigrants would be expected to have skills that would boost American productivity.

Immigration Fireworks in White House Briefing

CNN’s Jim Acosta, always eager to preen on camera while sparring with a White House spokesman, got more than he bargained for Wednesday when the administration’s Stephen Miller gave him some lessons on legal immigration and the president’s proposed changes.

Affirmative Action Front and Center

The Trump administration, with Attorney General Jeff Sessions as point man, is taking direct aim at university policies that discriminate against high-achieving Asian-Americans.  It is no secret that some racial groups are given preference in admissions, while Asians usually pay the steepest price.  Ivy League schools have instituted an unofficial quota system that limits the number of Asians, much like Harvard at one time excluded high-performing Jews.

Criminal Acts in the Obama Administration?

There are growing accusations that various Obama national security officials – among them Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and John Brennan – were illegally “unmasking” American citizens and thus violating their privacy rights.  Investigative reporter Sara Carter has been on top of the little-covered scandal and now says that it is much wider and deeper than anyone had realized.

Illegal Aliens Voting in MA

Six people in Massachusetts, four of them employees of the motor vehicle bureau, are accused of helping illegal aliens obtain false IDs that would enable them to vote.  One of the men arrested was found with a fake green card and is himself an illegal immigrant.  Keep this in mind the next time someone on the left proclaims that voter fraud is an imaginary non-problem.

Suicide by Texting

In a bizarre case, also in Massachusetts, a young woman has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter because she encouraged her then-boyfriend to take his own life.  Michelle Carter sent dozens of very explicit texts to Conrad Roy, urging him to commit suicide.  Roy finally took her advice and inhaled toxic gas.  Carter, who was only 17 at the time of the crime, will be sentenced today and could get up to 20 years.

More Damning Hillary Emails Found

The always-invaluable Judicial Watch has obtained a new batch of emails that show unseemly coordination between the Clinton Foundation, Clinton donors, and Hillary Clinton’s State Department.  Judicial Watch boss Tom Fitton claims that the emails demonstrate “pay to play” and that a criminal investigation is needed.

Terrorism Charges Down Under

Two men who planned to blow up a commercial airliner in Australia have been charged as terrorists.  Their plot was foiled at the last minute when airport officials found a large bomb in their luggage.  The flight, capable of carrying up to 500 people, was scheduled to fly from Sydney to Abu Dhabi.

Venezuela’s Maduro: What, Me Cheat??

Although Sunday’s election was widely dismissed as a sham and a fraud, Venezuela President Nicolas Madura insists that his socialist party won fair and square.  His nation, once extolled as a paradise by Michael Moore, Sean Penn, and other American left-wingers, is now an economic basket case.  Food and toilet paper are scarce, currency is almost worthless, and the specter of full-scale violence looms over the nation.

Tom Brady @ 40

New England quarterback Tom Brady, widely considered the best in the game, turns 40 today.  The five-time Super Bowl champion has indicated that he wants to play for at least a few more years.  Some analysts believe that if anyone can play the sport into their mid-40s, it’s Brady, while others are certain that his considerable skills are due for an abrupt decline.  If you are thinking of buying ol’ Tom a present, don’t forget that he truly is the man who has everything.

The End is Nigh, Very Nigh

We have been warned for decades that the Earth and humans face imminent destruction due to “global warming,” which then transformed into “climate change.”  Now the doomsayers, even though their models have proved faulty, are doubling down, claiming that the globe is about to become “horrifically inhospitable.”  If you’re up for some extremely dire predictions today, put this on your reading list.

If the End is Nigh, Drink Up

According to a new study, drinkers are more likely than teetotalers to reach 85 with their faculties mostly intact.  So, considering that “climate change” is about to kill us all and that moderate drinking may be beneficial, consider pouring yourself a glass of wine.  Or even two.

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