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Pentagon’s Plan to Attack NK; NK’s Plan to Attack Guam

Check out Bill’s Daily Briefing for Thursday, August 10, where we round up the day’s biggest headlines for your perusal. Take a look.

The Pentagon’s Plan to Attack North Korea

NBC News is reporting that top U.S. military brass has formulated a plan to execute if and when President Trump orders a strike on North Korea’s missile facilities.  The key warplanes would be B-1B Lancer bombers stationed in Guam, which have already taken part in many practice runs.  The B-1B does not carry nuclear bombs, but is stocked with more conventional bombs than any warplane in the U.S. arsenal.

North Korea’s Plan to Attack Guam

At the same time, North Korea’s top military brass is allegedly working on a plan to strike waters near the U.S. island of Guam, where those B-1B bombers are based.  The North Koreans have ridiculed President Trump’s “fire and fury” warning, calling it a “load of nonsense.”  In the irony of ironies, a North Korean commander, who answers to Kim Jong Un, complained that President Trump is not a reasonable man.

Networks, Of Course, Blast Trump

Most mainstream news outlets seem to more concerned about President Trump’s “fire and fury” warning than North Korea’s continuing belligerence.  CBS News trotted out a former Hillary Clinton aide, who actually said this:  “It just doesn’t help when our allies and the countries in the region can’t tell whether it’s Donald Trump or Kim Jong Un who’s the crazier one.”  The folks at the Media Research Center have put together an illuminating montage that has to be seen and heard to be believed.

Wall Street Shrugs Off “Fire and Fury”

Compared to the hyperbolic hysteria exhibited by the media Wednesday, America’s investing class seemed fairly nonchalant after President Trump’s ominous warning to North Korea.  As one Wall Street analyst put it, “fire and fury” quickly became “fire and forget.”

The New York Times’ Enormous Error

The “paper of record” has been caught in a massive screw-up.  Earlier this week the New York Times claimed it was publishing a draft report on climate change that had not been seen anywhere else.  The paper quoted scientists who said they leaked the report because they feared it would be suppressed by the Trump administration.  As it turns out, the report had been readily available on the Internet since January.  In other words, the Times’ much-hyped “scoop” was actually seven months old.

Obama Fat Cats Wary of Biden

According to a report in The Hill, wealthy Americans who gave big bucks to President Obama are far more parsimonious when it comes to funding Joe Biden’s prospective presidential run.  Some donors are apparently concerned about Biden’s age and his status as a pillar of the Washington establishment.

Trump on North Korea … in 1999

Way back in the last century, Donald Trump spoke with Meet the Press host Tim Russert about the threat from North Korea and what to do about it.  While he didn’t use the words “fire and fury,” Trump sounded an alarm that was quite similar to his current stance and warned that North Korea needed to be stopped before it could have “weapons pointed all over the world.”

Trangender Troops Sue President Trump

Five active duty transgender service members have filed suit against President Trump, who has stated that transgenders have no place in the military.  The five complainants are in the Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard, and some have reportedly been on active duty for two decades.

Nearly One-Quarter of Federal Inmates are Illegals

The Department of Homeland Security reports that an astounding 23% of all federal prisoners are illegal immigrants.  Of those aliens in federal lockups, 97% are facing the possibility of deportation.  Immigration expert Jessica Vaughan says many of them have been arrested for drug trafficking and human smuggling.

Major Layoffs @ Chicago Schools

While Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel focuses on protecting criminal illegal aliens, his city’s school system is going belly-up.  950 employees, including 350 teachers, have been laid off because of budget issues.  The median annual salary for public school teachers in Chicago is more than $78,000.

Fat Studies at Oregon State

Students at Oregon State University can fatten up their GPAs by taking a course called Fat Studies.  The class will focus on “privilege and discrimination” that are related to body shape.  And, of course, there is the mandatory concern about “oppression.”  It seems that “white privilege” has a new relative called “weight privilege.”

Denmark Promotes “Hug a Jihadi”

Some ideas seem too nutty for even an ultra-liberal nation like Denmark.  Police in the city of Aarhus are urging residents to treat potential Islamic extremists with extreme kindness.  The program, referred to as “hug a jihadi,” is meant to help refugees who are feeling isolated and tempted to join up with terrorists.  A skeptic might worry that, when hugging a jihadi, bleeding heart liberals don’t actually wind up with … bleeding hearts.

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