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Pence Slams New York Times Allegation; Baltimore Ceasefire Fails

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Pence Slams New York Times Allegation

Vice President Mike Pence went ballistic, at least by his placid standards, when the New York Times wrote that he is raising money to challenge President Trump in 2020.  The VP denounced the article as “disgraceful and offensive,” called it “fake news,” and affirmed his loyalty to the boss.

Trump Boasts About His Support

President Trump, in an early-morning tweet from his northern White House in Bedminster, New Jersey, says the “Trump base is far bigger & stronger than ever.”  The president also blasted the Russian investigation, the New York Times, and “fake news,” while pointing to his accomplishments in immigration, the economy, and the war against ISIS.

Deputy A.G. Rosenstein Asserts Authority

Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller, has declared that Mueller needs his permission to extend the investigation beyond allegations of Russian interference in the election.  Rosenstein also vowed that the Mueller investigation will not become “a fishing expedition.”  He added that the Department of Justice is going after leakers in the administration, not the media outlets that publish those leaks.

Law Prof Calls for Rosenstein Recusal

Professor Jonathan Turley, widely considered an authority on constitutional law, has an opinion piece in The Hill in which he calls for Rod Rosenstein to recuse himself from this entire investigation.  Turley argues that Rosenstein’s mandate to Special Counsel Mueller was far too broad and that Rosenstein himself could wind up being a witness.

North Korea Vows Retaliation

The government of Kim Jong Un has responded to new sanctions slapped on North Korea by the United Nations.  The North Koreans denounced the sanctions and promised to “teach the United States a severe lesson” if the simmering tension boils over into a military battle.  Pyongyang also affirmed that it will continue building and testing ballistic missiles that it claims can reach much of the USA.

Poll: Wide U.S. Support for South Korea

According to a new poll, more than 60% of Americans endorse the idea of sending additional troops to defend South Korea if that nation is attacked by its northern neighbor.  The poll and its methodology seem credible, but it should be noted that it was funded by a South Korean advocacy organization.

Tillerson Extends Olive Branch to Russia

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is trying to calm the escalating tension between the United States and Russia.  Tillerson met with Russia’s Sergei Lavrov Sunday and searched for ways to mend the rift, which has been exacerbated by tough new sanctions on Russia passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump.

Chicago Mayor Sues Administration

Chicago boss Rahm Emanuel, determined as ever to protect illegal immigrants, is suing the Trump administration for threatening to withhold grants to sanctuary cities.  The city, infamous for its astronomical murder rate, had expected to receive about $3-million this year in aid for law enforcement.

Baltimore Ceasefire Fails

Speaking of murder-infested cities, Baltimore leaders called for a 72-hour moratorium on killing this past weekend.  The weekend ended, however, with two men shot to death in separate incidents.  The police commissioner called the proposed ceasefire “beautiful” and organizers vowed to try again.

MD City: Let Illegals Vote

While Baltimore citizens are getting slaughtered, another Maryland city 30 miles to the south is considering allowing non-citizens to vote.  College Park, home to the University of Maryland, is debating a plan that would enable illegal aliens  to vote in city elections.  Whatever the outcome, illegals would not be permitted to vote for president or statewide office holders.

Most/Least Trusted News Sources

A survey of American news consumers finds that the British publication The Economist is the most trusted source of news in the USA.  Other trusted outlets are public television, Reuters, and the BBC.  At the other end of the scale, Americans don’t place much faith in traditional networks, cable news outlets, and especially ultra-partisan “news” outlets on both sides of the political divide.

Violence on the Left

Writer Peter Beinart, a card-carrying liberal for decades, admits that America’s far left is fomenting violence in many cities across the country.  Ground Zero for left-wing violence is Portland, where self-proclaimed anti-fascists have been running wild.  The mayhem extends to college campuses and many other cities, primarily on both coasts.

Taxing Testosterone

A restaurant in Australia, vegan of course, is slapping an 18% surcharge on male customers, symbolic of the income disparity between genders.  Women also are afforded “priority seating,” whatever that means.  All this raises the obvious question:  What if a male customer decides that he is identifying as a woman that particular day?

Pity Poor Anthony Weiner

The New York Post reports that disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner is isolated, friendless, and shunned.  According to the story, most of his fellow Manhattan apartment dwellers blame him for Hillary Clinton’s loss in November.  If things get really bad, Weiner could move to Australia, where he could be anonymous.  On the other hand, he would have to pay that 18% surcharge, and the restaurant has plenty of irrefutable visual evidence that he’s a male.


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