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North Korea Eyes Attack on Guam; Tillerson Calms the Waters

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Trump Warns North Korea of “Fire and Fury”

President Trump, upon learning that North Korea’s nuclear capacities are more advanced than previously known, issued a stark and ominous warning to Kim Jong Un.  He twice employed the Biblical-like phrase “fire and fury” while implying there will be a vicious military response if North Korea continues its threatening behavior.

North Korea Eyes Attack on Guam

Pyongyang’s official news outlet says it is contemplating a rocket and bomb attack on Guam, a U.S. territory and a base for American warplanes.  This new threat is apparently a direct response to President Trump’s “fire and fury” warning.  Guam’s 165,000 citizens are understandably on edge, even though their leaders are being as reassuring as possible under the circumstances.

Tillerson Calms the Waters

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is assuring Americans and the world that there is no “imminent threat” from North Korea.  He also explained the much-replayed “fire and fury” statement, saying the president was simply sending a very clear message to Kim Jong Un.  Tillerson made his comments while returning to Washington from Malaysia, a trip that included a stop in Guam.

Gore Predicts Early End to Trump Presidency

Eco-billionaire Al Gore, touring the world via private jet to promote his new movie, has hinted that Donald Trump’s presidency may be done in for “ethical reasons.”  The former vice president also encouraged American cities and states to defy the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement.

Administration Takes On Opioids

President Trump focused on the opioid/heroin crisis Tuesday in a meeting with key members of his administration.  The president stressed the need for more security on the Mexican border, the entry point for most heroin.  “Strong law enforcement is absolutely vital to having a drug-free society,” President Trump declared.

Pot Use & High Blood Pressure

Meanwhile, a new study shows that people who smoke marijuana are three times more likely to die from hypertension than non-users.  Scientists at Georgia State University looked at more than 1,000 people in the U.S. and other nations.  They found that smoking pot stimulates the nervous system and leads to increases in heart rate and blood pressure.

Sebastian Gorka Takes on MSNBC

Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka is the wrong guy with whom to pick a fight.  Two MSNBC hosts re-discovered that truism when they pressed Gorka on the wisdom of using the term “radical Islamic terrorism.”  Gorka, who has taught military theory, has recently been lobbing verbal grenades at liberal hosts on CNN and MSNBC.

McConnell on Trump’s Great Expectations

Mitch McConnell, the leading Republican in the Senate, is frustrated with President Trump’s “excessive expectations.”  Known as a master legislator, to borrow a term from Nancy Pelosi, McConnell says the president entered office without having a full grasp of lawmaking, which has often been compared to making sausage.

Trump’s Messages to Robert Mueller

USA Today is reporting that President Trump has exchanged private messages with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The notes, according to the president’s lawyer, express Trump’s “appreciation and greetings.”  Administration officials say the communications, which break no rules, are an indication that President Trump is eager to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation.

Apparent Terror Attack in Paris

An unnamed assailant mowed down six French soldiers in a Paris suburb Wednesday morning.  The wounded soldiers were members of a specialized anti-terrorism unit and the incident is definitely considered a terror attack.  French authorities say that, after an intense manhunt and shootout, they have arrested the primary suspect.

White House to Privatize Afghanistan War?

The Trump administration is reportedly considering a plan that would hand over much of the war operations in Afghanistan to private contractors.  President Trump has expressed great disenchantment with progress in Afghanistan, where the United States retains about 8,400 troops.  If the plan is adopted, those active duty forces would be gradually replaced by the private fighters, many of whom were elite Special Operations troops.

Feds Nab 32 Foreign Sex Offenders

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has announced that it has arrested 32 sexual predators on Long Island as part of Operation Soar (Sex Offender Alien Removal.)  A dozen of the suspects are registered sex offenders and all had past convictions.  The predatory perverts will begin a process that could lead to deportation.

Umpire Thrown Out of the Game

Joe West, who has umpired more than 5,000 major league baseball games and has ejected hundreds of players and managers, has himself been suspended for three games.  The 64-year-old broke a league rule when he singled out a player for criticism.  Asked which player is the “biggest complainer,” West quickly named Adrian Beltre of the Texas Rangers.  West has been calling balls and strikes in the big leagues for more than 40 years.

Death of a Musical Great

Glen Cambell, who recorded some of the greatest tunes in the American songbook, died Tuesday at age 81.  In addition to hits like “Rhinestone Cowboy,” “By the Time I Get to Phoenix,” and “Gentle on My Mind,” Campbell returned to the studio to record one final song in 2014.  “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” was his farewell to family and loved ones after he had been diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease that eventually killed him.  The tear-inducing song won a Grammy Award as Best Country Song of the year.

Professor: Get Rid of Dogs and Cats

A professor at UCLA claims that canines and felines have large carbon pawprints and could be replaced by other pets.  Naturally, Gregory Okin’s study elicited loud caterwauling from pet owners.  Okin advised them to consider shifting to smaller animals like hamsters and birds.  Even better, of course, would be a battery-powered puppy, which would requires no food or water.  Want to really save the planet?  How about a solar-powered Corgi?  You could even name it Holly.


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