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Las Vegas Timeline Revised; Steve Bannon Enters the Trump-Corker Feud

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Las Vegas Timeline Revised

Sheriff Joe Lombardo, during one of his regular press briefings Monday, revealed that Stephen Paddock shot and wounded a hotel security guard about six minutes before opening fire on concert-goers.  Law enforcement officials had previously thought that Jesus Campos was shot when he interrupted the shooting spree.  The new information, while it may give ammunition to conspiracy theorists, does not alter the near-universal conclusion that Paddock was the lone shooter.

LV Shooter Remains an Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery

Some of the country’s brightest law enforcement minds have pored over thousands of leads, but they remain absolutely befuddled by Stephen Paddock and his motives.  They have examined his financial records and communications, interviewed family members and his live-in-lover, but still have far more questions than answers.  Apparently the killer’s life revolved around long hours of gambling and stocking up on high-powered weapons and ammunition.  The puzzle is as puzzling as ever.

Steve Bannon Enters the Trump-Corker Feud

Former Trump aide Steve Bannon has come down squarely on the side of his ex-boss, who has been engaged in a very public war of words with Senator Bob Corker.  Corker has become the left-wing media’s favorite Republican after describing the White House an “adult day care center” and worrying aloud that President Trump may ignite World War III.  In response, Bannon said, bluntly, “If Bob Corker had any honor or decency, he should resign immediately.”

Washington Post on Trump’s “Isolation”

The Washington Post has published a lengthy piece claiming that President Trump is “frustrated,” “angry” and increasingly isolated in the White House.  The story, relying on leaks from “White House officials and advisers,” paints a picture of a president who has alienated many allies and who is almost obsessed with satisfying his base voters.

84-Year-Old Feinstein Will Run Again

California Democrat Dianne Feinstein, already the oldest member of the United States Senate, has announced that she will run for reelection next year.  If she wins, and the odds are certainly in her favor, Feinstein will be 91 when her term ends.  But keep in mind that she would then have to win two more elections to match Strom Thurmond, who served in the U.S. Senate until he was 100!

Russia Warns USA on Iran Nuke Deal

An official spokesman for Vladimir Putin warns that there will be “negative consequences” if the United States abandons the nuclear weapons arrangement involving Iran.  President Trump has ridiculed the deal and is expected to “decertify” it within the coming days, after which Congress may re-impose economic sanctions on Iran.

ESPN Suspends Host

Last month Jemele Hill of ESPN called President Trump a “white supremacist” and got off with just a warning.  But now she has gored a sacred cow, suggesting that fans boycott sponsors of the Dallas Cowboys.  The network has relegated Hill to the proverbial penalty box for two weeks, saying she had violated ESPN’s social media guidelines for a second time.

Trump Rejoices at Suspension

President Trump wasted no time in reacting to that two-week suspension of Jemele Hill.  This morning he tweeted, “With Jemele Hill at the mike, it is no wonder ESPN ratings have ‘tanked.'”  Last month White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Hill had committed a “fireable offense” when she called the president a “white supremacist.”

President vs. NFL, The Saga Continues

President Trump also took to Twitter this morning to fire another volley at the National Football League.  He asked a simple question:  “Why is the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our Anthem, Flag, and Country.”  It’s very likely that the president was watching Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News last night, during which Congressman Matt Gaetz railed against tax breaks afforded to the league and its owners.

California Wildfires Kill Ten

Parts of Northern California’s wine country have been nearly destroyed by massive wildfires that have been exacerbated by high winds.  At least ten people have died in the blazes, which spread across more than 100,000 acres and razed more than 1,000 homes.  Fire officials hope that cooler temperatures and milder winds will enable them to fight back more efficiently today.

Cops in the Crosshairs

The FBI has issued a new report warning that “black identity extremists” are targeting and attacking police officers in record numbers.  The situation worsened dramatically after Michael Brown was justifiably shot to death in Ferguson in 2014, after which many black radicals pushed the false “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” narrative.  Since then attacks on police officers, including the deadly assault carried out in Dallas by Micah Johnson, have inarguably been on the rise.

California Totally Off the (High-Speed) Rails

California has enacted a law saying it is no longer a felony to have unprotected sex without first warning your partner that you are infected with the HIV virus.  Similarly, it’s okay for an HIV-infected person to donate blood, never mind the possible consequences.  But while drawing that blood, health care workers better be careful about which pronouns they use.  Calling a transgender patient by the wrong pronoun is now against the law and can result in severe punishment.  Secession, anyone?

Fashion Big Retracts Praise for Harvey Weinstein

One day fashion designer Donna Karan stood by her pal Harvey Weinstein by saying the women were “asking for it.”  The next day she insisted that her remarks were, of course, taken out of context.  Realizing that she dug herself into a sizeable hole that could jeopardize her DKNY brand, Karan, issued a statement decrying sexual harassment by anyone, even her buddy Weinstein.

Hillary Still Mum on Her Good Friend Harvey

Hillary Clinton gladly accepted Harvey Weinstein’s boatloads of campaign contributions through the years, and proudly posed with the disgraced mogul at many events, but she has yet to say a word about his abusive ways.  She has frequently used Twitter to denounce President Trump, but there has yet to be any criticism of long-time Democratic loyalist Weinstein.

Actor Nathan Lane’s Weinstein Horror Story

Harvey Weinstein was always quite the charmer.  Broadway actor Nathan Lane now reveals that the portly and powerful Weinstein threw him up against a wall during a birthday party for none other than Hillary Clinton.  Lane, who was emcee at the party, apparently told a joke that offended the movie mogul’s sensibilities.

Kathy Griffin Back to Trump-Bashing

Former comedian Kathy Griffin, who was contrite for about two hours in August after holding up a facsimile of President Trump’s head, is back on stage trolling for laughs by ridiculing the president.  Displaying her “bravery,” if not her humor, Griffin took the stage in Los Angeles wearing a Trump mask and flipping the audience the bird.

NY Governor Cuomo Vows to Protect Columbus Statue

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was in New York City for various Columbus Day events, promised that the massive statue of Christopher Columbus will continue to “stand tall and proud” in Columbus Circle as long as he is governor.  He was perhaps responding to demands by American Indian groups, who are urging New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to remove Columbus statues.  City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, even more of a left-wing nut than the mayor, is sympathetic to the idea of tearing down any and all statues of Columbus.

Meanwhile, Chicago Columbus Statue Again Defaced

Some thugs in Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago celebrated Columbus Day by throwing red paint on a statue of Christopher Columbus in the city’s Little Italy neighborhood.  The very same statue had also been defaced on Saturday, leading to the arrest of one 30-year-old suspect.

College Follies, Episode 157

Michael Schill, president of the University of Oregon and a proponent of free speech, recently wanted to address students and faculty.  But before he could get out a single word, bullies rushed the stage and started shouting about “indigenous rights,” “systems of oppression,” and the usual left-wing inanities.  The school says it is looking into what it calls “potential conduct violations.”

Twitter Nixes GOP Candidate’s “Inflammatory” Video

Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, who wants to replace Bob Corker when he retires from the Senate next year, has created a video to launch her campaign.  But because she mentioned Planned Parenthood and its “sale of body parts,” Twitter decided the video was not suitable for its platform.  Blackburn’s video, which includes the offending line, is still on YouTube:

Trump to Tillerson: Mine is Bigger than Yours!

President Trump has (presumably) jokingly challenged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to compare their IQ scores.  In a heated moment, Tillerson reportedly called the president a “moron,” which he has denied through a spokesman.  The president disparaged that report as another example of “fake news,” but added that he’d gladly have an IQ shootout with Tillerson.  President Trump added, “I can tell you who is going to win.”  Las Vegas oddsmakers have listed Tillerson as the early 3-point favorite. 

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