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Grand Jury Empaneled in DC; Unemployment at 16-Year Low

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Unemployment at 16-Year Low

The Labor Department has reported that more than 200,000 jobs were added in July and the official unemployment rate fell to 4.3%, the lowest it has been since 2001.  While the jobs number exceeded expectations, wages remain relatively low by historical standards.

Grand Jury Empaneled in DC

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, charged with investigating Russian influence on last year’s election, has established a 23-member grand jury in Washington.  That mechanism enables him to issue subpoenas and possibly move the investigation far beyond Russia.  All grand jury matters, even the very existence of one, are supposed to be secret, but these days there are very few secrets in Washington.

Columnist Ridicules the Grand Jury

Boston columnist Howie Carr, a staunch conservative, recalls the famous adage that any grand jury can “indict a ham sandwich.”  His Friday column denounces the presence of so many Democratic donors on Robert Mueller’s 16-member legal team and notes that this new grand jury is made up of citizens who reside in a city where Donald Trump won a whopping 4% of the vote.  Extrapolating from that, perhaps one of the 23 grand jurors will be a Trump supporter.

President Rallies the Troops in West Virginia

The president held another campaign-style rally Thursday evening, this time in Huntington, West Virginia.  Speaking to a crowd of faithful followers, he dismissed the Russia story as a “total fabrication,” boasted about the economy, and reminded the audience that his coal-friendly policies have helped their state.  The president also went out of his way to once again bash Hillary Clinton, eliciting cries of “lock her up.”

A New Republican Governor

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice told the crowd at President Trump’s rally that he is switching parties and is now a Republican.  Justice, a billionaire who made his fortune in agriculture and coal, becomes the 34th Republican governor, although that number is likely to decrease by one when New Jersey elects a successor to Chris Christie in November.

Trump Rips Republicans in Congress

President Trump is hammering members of his own party in Congress, blaming them for failing to repeal ObamaCare while passing a bill that increases sanctions on Russia.  Republicans in Congress have had mixed responses to the president’s escalating criticism, with a few showing open defiance.  “We work for the American people,” declared Senator Tim Scott, “we don’t work for the president.”

Alarming Rise in Teen Girls’ Suicide

Teenage boys kill themselves at triple the rate of girls, but that gap is narrowing.  According to the CDC, more young girls are taking their own lives than at any time in four decades.  Possible causes run the gamut from economic factors to social media, but no one is able to pinpoint the precise reasons for the upturn.

Asians Torn Over Affirmative Action

It is well-known that Asian American are harmed by the affirmative action policies that rule most American universities.  While black and Hispanic applicants get preferential treatment, high-achieving Asians are often rejected.  Nevertheless, according to the Los Angeles Times, the news that the Trump administration will investigate discrimination in college admissions is being met with mixed reviews among Asians.

Massive New Auto Plant Planned for USA

Japanese auto makers Toyota and Mazda are teaming up to build a $1.6-billion plant in the United States.  They hope to build 300,000 electric cars a year and employ about 4,000 workers at a yet-to-be-determined site.  President Trump, of course, welcomed the news with a celebratory Tweet.

Chilling Details on Australia Terror Plot

Two men living in Sydney, Australia have face terrorism charges for their roles in two foiled plots.  They had planned to bomb a passenger plane that was capable of carrying as many as 500 people, and they also hoped to release deadly poison gas in public.  Authorities call it the “most sophisticated” terror attack ever attempted in Australia.

Denying Cops Their Rightful Donuts!

An employee at a Dunkin’ Donuts outlet in Brooklyn has allegedly refused to serve two NYPD detectives.  The worker pithily said, “I don’t serve cops.”  Withholding donuts from cops is so egregious that even New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is siding with the officers.

Susan Rice to Keep Security Clearance

Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice will maintain her full access to classified information, according to a report by Sara Carter in Circa.  This is the same Susan Rice who lied about Benghazi, claimed Bowe Bergdahl served “with honor and distinction,” and is accused of unmasking American citizens.

Trump’s Rocky Relationship with Granite State

New Hampshire officials, Republicans and Democrats alike, are incensed with President Trump, who described their state a “drug-infested den” during a phone conversation with Mexican President Nieto.  A transcript of the two presidents’ January conversation was leaked and published by the Washington Post Thursday.  President Trump was trying to express his anger with the continuing flow of drugs from Mexico into the USA.

Taking “Separate Beds” to the Extreme

Prince Henrik of Denmark has declared that he does not want to be buried alongside his wife, Queen Margrethe II.  While they have been married for 50 years, Henrik has always been disgusted by his diminished title in the Danish royal family, where he is only “His Highness” and not a “His Majesty.”  His official title is “His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark.”  Sounds pretty majestic to us, but he and his wife will still spend eternity in separate beds.


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