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Focus on Trump-Hating FBI Agent; Supremes Okay Travel Ban … for now

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Democrats Open New Front in their War on Trump

Those accusations of “collusion” have apparently come up empty, so President Trump’s legion of enemies are pinning their hopes on other ways to cripple his administration or get him out of office.  Senator Richard Blumenthal and others now contend that the president may be guilty of “obstruction of justice” because of his tweets and actions in the Michael Flynn situation.  But the president’s lawyers argue that their client cannot be found guilty of obstruction “because he is the chief law enforcement officer” in the nation.

Anti-Trump Forces Question His Sanity

And just in case the Mueller probe or charges of obstruction don’t stick, President Trump’s most virulent enemies are now going on television to declare him mentally incompetent.  MSNBC, which is leading the charge, reached a new low when it welcomed with a Yale psychologist who ominously warned that “we must act soon” to stop the president from growing more unhinged and violent.

Conyers to Retire

Democratic Congressman John Conyers, who has been in the House for more than half a century, will announce today that this will be his final term.  The 88-year-old has been hit with a slew of allegations, most recently from a former aide who says Conyers slid his hand up her skirt while they were attending church.

Republican Party Back in Moore’s Corner

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is again being backed by the Republican National Committee, which had withdrawn its support after Moore was accused of inappropriate contact with minors 40 years ago.  President Trump has also given his full-throated support to Moore, who seems to have a slight lead in the polls.

ABC’s Brian Ross’s Long History of Errors

Investigative reporter Brian Ross sent stock markets into panic mode last Friday when he reported that then-candidate Donald Trump ordered his aides to make contact with Russia.  That was simply not true and the network has suspended Ross for four weeks without pay.  The Washington Post has now published a long piece delineating Ross’s many errors during his tenure at ABC.  The most notorious blunder came when Ross “reported” that the mass murderer in Aurora, Colorado was likely a member of the Tea Party.  He determined that by scouring a phone book and finding a man with the same name as the killer.

MSNBC Mum on Homophobic Host

In various writings between 2007 and 2009, Joy Reid repeatedly implied that Florida Governor Charlie Crist was secretly gay and mocked him as “Miss Charlie.”  She also suggested that Crist’s two marriages were shams designed to mask his homosexuality.  Reid, who hosts a weekend talk show on MSNBC, has apologized, but the network has not announced whether she will face any disciplinary action.

Trust in Media a Mixed Bag

Like the country itself, trust in the nation’s media is increasingly bifurcated along political lines.  According to a new survey, half of Americans have either a “great deal” or a “fair amount” of trust and confidence in the media, while the other half have “not very much” or “none at all.”  Not surprisingly, most Democrats place faith in the news media, while only about one in five Republicans expresses confidence.

Focus on Trump-Hating FBI Agent

Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who was deeply involved in the Hillary Clinton investigation and interrogation, actually softened the language in then-FBI Director Jame’s Comey’s famous statement last July.  Instead of accusing Mrs. Clinton of “gross negligence,” which can be considered criminal, Strzok altered the statement to read “extremely careless.”  It is now well known that Strzok, who has since been demoted to the FBI’s version of Siberia, was a bona-fide Trump-hater who wrote anti-Trump screeds to his lover.  The FBI has been extremely reluctant to release Strzok’s damning texts and has kept him under lock and key.

Manafort Again Under Fire

Former Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort, who has been charged with money laundering and fraud, is under a court order that bars him from discussing his case in public.  But he is now accused of working with a Russian colleague to write an opinion piece about his work for Ukraine.  Robert Mueller’s investigators say the article, had it been published, would have violated the court order.  Manafort is under house arrest and is not allowed to leave his Virginia home except under special circumstances.

Supremes Okay Travel Ban … for now

In a victory for the Trump administration, the Supreme Court has overruled two lower courts that had blocked President Trump’s “travel ban.”  The ban, which applies mostly to citizens of six predominantly Muslim nations, can now be put into effect immediately.  However, the issue is not completely settled because other cases are still working their way through the legal system.

Demands for “Kate’s Wall”

Millions of Americans are still reeling after Kate Steinle’s illegal alien killer was found not guilty of murder.  There are increasing calls for a physical wall along the border with Mexico, the border that Jose Ines Garcia Zarate crossed time and again before he killed Steinle.  Advocates for the barrier are referring to it as “Kate’s Wall” and have initiated a flurry of activity on social media sites.

Good News on the Border

According to federal immigration stats, illegal entry into the USA is at a 45-year low and deportations of illegal immigrants are soaring.  ICE agents have suggested that President Trump’s election may have dissuaded many illegals from even attempting to cross the border.  Those who are here illegally have been tracked down and deported in far greater numbers than during the Obama years.

Trump Shrinks Federal Footprint, Ignites Fury

The Trump administration and the Department of the Interior will scale back the size of two national lands in Utah, arguing that the state should have more control over the land and its natural resources.  Protesters, on cue, accused the president of executing a “land grab” in order to benefit his wealthy cronies.  President Trump made the announcement yesterday in Salt Lake City.

More Plaudits for Kaepernick

The American Civil Liberties Union has honored quarterback Colin Kaepernick for his “courage” and for his willingness to protest perceived injustice.  This follows the decision by GQ magazine to name Kaepernick its “Citizen of the Year.”  He is also on the “short list” for Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” award.  Amid all this effusive praise, it should not be forgotten that Kaepernick thought it was perfectly appropriate to wear socks that depicted cops as pigs, which bears consideration the next time a police officer is killed while protecting the rest of us. 

Campus Struck by Burst of Sanity

As you may have heard, a student columnist at Texas State University recently wrote an opinion piece in which he denounced “whiteness” and made this declaration:  “White death will mean liberation for all.”  In a rare display of common sense, the student newspaper has ousted Rudy Martinez from its staff and admitted, “We screwed up.”  The newspaper that printed the offensive piece, the University Star, is funded by mandatory student fees.  Even fees from white kids.

There is no Joy in View-Ville – Mighty Brian Has Struck Out

Okay, we apologize for mangling the last verse of Ernest Lawrence Thayer’s epic “Casey at the Bat.”  But it does seem relevant because The View co-host Joy Behar was absolutely, positively giddy last Friday when ABC’s Brian Ross issued his damning report about President Trump.  “He goes to jail, he goes to jail,” she screeched, as the crowd applauded like trained seals.  Unfortunately for the joy-less Joy, the report was false and Ms. Behar had some very tasty crow for lunch yesterday.

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