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Fallout from Steinle Verdict; Dem Senator Suggests Trump Obstructed Justice

Check out Bill’s Daily Briefing for Monday, December 4, where we round up the day’s biggest headlines for your perusal. Take a look.

Dem Senator Suggests Trump Obstructed Justice

Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, implied yesterday that President Trump could be charged with obstruction of justice.  She surmised that the case against the president was made possible when he fired former FBI boss James Comey.

GOP Senator Warns Trump on Tweets

With an ongoing investigation in which a single word can make a difference, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is urging President Trump to tweet with far more judiciousness and restraint.  Some of the president’s recent messages on social media have muddied the waters and possibly made the president more vulnerable to investigators who are combing through every iota of information.

Trump Tweets on Roy Moore

President Trump, as is his wont, woke up early this morning to jump on Twitter.  He urged Alabama voters to elect Republican Roy Moore in next week’s special election and he derided Moore’s opponent Doug Jones as a “Pelosi/Schumer Liberal Puppet.”  The latest polls indicate that Moore, despite those allegations involving young girls four decades ago, is maintaining a lead among likely voters.

Another Nightmare For NBC News

Joy Reid, perhaps the most vicious Trump-hater of them all on MSNBC, is also a closeted homophobe.  In various blog posts between 2007 and 2009, Reid implied that Florida Governor Charlie Crist was secretly gay and frequently mocked him as “Miss Charlie.”  She also suggested that Crist’s two marriages were shams designed to mask his homosexuality.  Reid, who hosts a weekend political talk show on MSNBC, has apologized profusely for her “choice of words.”

ABC’s Brian Ross Pilloried

Investigative reporter Brian Ross has been placed on a four-week unpaid suspension by ABC News after he botched a report last week involving General Michael Flynn and President Trump.  Ross’s initial story, which indicated that the president may have colluded with Russians in last year’s campaign, sent the stock market plunging.  The veteran reporter is now taking incoming fire from all sides, even from others at ABC, for his long history of getting things wrong.

House Republicans vs. FBI

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee claim the FBI’s top two officials are intentionally withholding evidence.  Much of the dispute revolves around former FBI official Peter Strzok, a certified Trump-hater who served on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.  Some GOP Intelligence Committee members are reportedly drafting a resolution that would charge FBI boss Christopher Wray and his top aide Rod Rosenstein with contempt of Congress.

President Trump vs. FBI

Meanwhile, the President of the United States has leveled unprecedented criticism of the country’s top law enforcement agency.  In a Sunday tweet, President Trump hammered former FBI Director James Comey for leaving the bureau’s reputation “in Tatters.”  The organization that represents FBI agents immediately defended the bureau and lauded the FBI as world’s finest law enforcement agency.

NFL Protests Continue

If the National Football League thought its $90-million contribution to “social justice” causes would placate protesting players, it was dead wrong.  During Sunday’s games more than 20 players again took a knee, raised a fist, sat down, or remained in the locker room during the National Anthem.

Obama Hammers Trump in Paris

The old adage about politics ending at the water’s edge is obviously no longer operative.  Speaking at a conference in Paris, former President Obama said there is a “temporary absence of American leadership” in the area of climate change.  President Trump, of course, has announced that the United States will not be part of the Paris climate agreement.

Fallout from Steinle Verdict

After an oft-deported illegal immigrant was found not guilty of murdering Kate Steinle in San Francisco, a Republican congressman is throwing down the gauntlet.  Todd Rokita will introduce a bill today that would punish elected officials who give sanctuary to illegal aliens and refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.  The legislation threatens local lawmakers with fines and even jail time if they defy ICE.

Report: Trump Making End Runs Around Kelly

According to a report first published in the Wall Street Journal, President Trump has given some aides direct assignments without the knowledge or approval of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.  There are also allegations that friends of the president are sometimes able to reach him by going through Melania Trump.  The First Lady’s spokeswoman called that report “more fake news.”

USA, South Korea in Display of Air Power

More than 200 military aircraft are taking part in war games this week in South Korea, strutting their stuff in an operation called Vigilant Ace.  The exercises, an annual event, are being staged just days after Kim Jong Un’s latest ICBM test launch.  North Korea claims the display of air power in South Korea will escalate tension on the peninsula and declared that “insane President Trump is running wild.”

Germany Pays Migrants to Leave

Overrun by migrants from North Africa and the Middle East, Germany is now offering families seeking asylum about $4,000 if they return to their home countries.  The offer is in effect through the end of February.  The program even has a name:  “Your Country, Your Future, Now.”  Kind of catchy.

VA Horror Story

An investigation by USA Today has found that Veterans Affairs hospitals have hired physicians who have checkered pasts, to put it mildly.  Some have settled many malpractice claims, one shrink was punished for sleeping with a patient, and a psychologist had felony convictions.  The VA has vowed to conduct an independent review and examine whether it hired incompetent doctors.

Bitcoin Bubble?

The digital currency bitcoin has reached a new high – a single bitcoin is now worth nearly $12,000.  Some skeptics believe this is a bubble that rivals the tulip mania in 17th century Holland, but other financial observers are certain that bitcoin is the ideal currency for digital transactions.  If you had purchased $100 worth of bitcoin six years ago, it would now be worth nearly $4,000,000.  Then again, as you may have heard on those commercials, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

New Crime: Attending College While White!

A student columnist at Texas State University wrote an opinion piece in which he denounced “whiteness.”  In case he wasn’t being clear enough, Rudy Martinez wrote this directly to his white classmates:  “I hate you because you shouldn’t exist.”  Did that get him in trouble?  Of course not.  However, the student body president is being asked to resign because he had the temerity to criticize the hateful column.  You just can’t make this stuff up, folks!


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