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Eight Crucial On-The-Fence Senators; Donald Trump vs. Elizabeth Warren, Round 8

Check out Bill’s Daily Briefing for Tuesday, November 28, where we round up the day’s biggest headlines for your perusal. Take a look.

Eight Crucial On-The-Fence Senators

The president and his Republican Party really, really need to pass tax reform.  But potentially standing in their way are eight Republican senators who have varying concerns with the legislation.  Some are concerned about the effect on the deficit, others worry about the treatment of small businesses, while a couple just plain don’t like President Trump.  Despite those undecideds, some leading GOP senators sounded very optimistic after meeting yesterday with the president.

Two Potential Roadblocks

Of those eight Republicans, two are especially important because they sit on the Senate Budget Committee.  If Ron Johnson and Bob Corker vote “nay” in the committee today, they could actually prevent the bill from reaching the full Senate.  Corker’s focus is on the deficit ramifications of the bill, while Johnson wants more breaks for small business.

Democrats Playing Defense

Allegations against Senator Al Franken and Congressman John Conyers have knocked Democrats back on their heels.  Instead of engaging in a last-ditch push to derail tax reform, Nancy Pelosi and other Dems find themselves fielding questions about sexual harassment by their colleagues.  The former speaker has come under withering criticism from many on the left after she seemed to excuse Conyers because he is an “icon.”

Roy Moore Ready to Rumble

With two weeks to go before the Alabama special election, Republican Roy Moore is vowing to pull out all the stops in his race against Democrat Doug Moore.  Moore continues to deny all allegations of sexual impropriety four decades ago and is portraying the election as an epic Biblical struggle between good and evil.  President Trump has urged Alabamans to avoid sending a liberal Democrat to the Senate, but he will not travel to Alabama to campaign with Judge Moore.

Donald Trump vs. Elizabeth Warren, Round 8

President Trump can never resist an opportunity to mock Senator Elizabeth Warren, who falsely claimed to be of Native American descent during her ascent in academia.  Yesterday the president was honoring heroic Navajo code talkers when he again gave into temptation, setting off the predicted reaction from the senator from Massachusetts.  Meanwhile, columnist Howie Carr, a constant thorn in Warren’s side, is again demanding that the faux Indian senator submit to a simple DNA test.

Donald Trump vs. Media, Round 117

President Trump apparently made another unforced error during that ceremony at the White House yesterday.  Anti-Trump media outlets, of which there are too many to count, eagerly pointed out that the president honored the Navajo code talkers near a portrait of President Andrew Jackson, who signed the notorious Indian Removal Act in 1830.  The president is now joking (we think!) that he will hand out a “Fake News Trophy” to the most dishonest and corrupt media outlet.

Obama’s Rogue EPA Broke the Law

According to the invaluable Judicial Watch, the Environmental Protection Agency flouted the law during the Obama years.  EPA mandarins illegally used social media to promote the agency’s priorities and policies.  It is against federal law for federal agencies to engage in propaganda or encourage groups to support particular legislation.

Conservative Group Targets Mueller

Another right-leaning watchdog organization, FreedomWatch, has filed a lawsuit alleging that Robert Mueller is not fit to perform his job as special counsel investigating alleged Russian interference in last year’s election.  FreedomWatch and its founder Larry Klayman allege that Mueller, despite his reputation, is “just another pol” who wants to see “the presidency of Donald Trump destroyed.”

Far-Left Congressman to Step Down

Illinois Democrat Luis Gutierrez, a radical on immigration and a consistent bomb-thrower, will not run for re-election.  Earlier this year Gutierrez denounced White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly as a “disgrace to the uniform he used to wear.”  He was also arrested outside Trump Tower in New York City for protesting President Trump’s stance on DACA.

Who’s The Boss?

Even by Washington standards, it was a bizarre situation yesterday.  Two individuals firmly believe they are the legal and rightful acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  One is Mick Mulvaney, appointed to the job by President Trump; the other is Leandra English, who was handed the reins by her predecessor before he departed.  Mulvaney was in the office and seemingly in charge yesterday, but what happens today is anyone’s guess.

Fed Nominee Faces Grilling Today

President Trump has nominated Jerome Powell to replace Janet Yellen as boss of the Federal Reserve Bank.  The prospective Fed boss will be interrogated today by the Senate Banking Committee, whose members will surely ask about his views on interest rates and financial regulation.  Barring any startling revelations, Powell is almost certain to be confirmed by the full Senate.

Black Africans Sold as Slaves in Libya

Law professor and blogger Glenn Reynolds, writing in USA Today, squarely blames Hillary Clinton for the human enslavement taking place in Libya right now.  Recent footage and photos show black Africans being sold in open-air slave markets.  This is all the direct result, Reynolds posits, of the Clinton-endorsed overthrow of Moammar Gadhafi six years ago.  Heckuva job, Hill!

For The Person Who Has Absolutely Everything

According to one observer, Tiffany & Co. is “beginning to look desperate.”  The company’s Christmas catalogue includes a $300 yo-yo, a $350 straw, and a $9,000 ball of yarn.  Tiffany, a fixture in Manhattan since 1837, has endured years of stagnant sales and a declining stock price.  So maybe, just maybe, you can do some bargaining and get that silver and walnut yo-yo at a discount.


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