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Dems in Disarray Over DACA; Trump to Undergo Physical

Here is the Daily Briefing for Thursday, January 11, where we round up the day’s biggest headlines for your perusal. Take a look.

Dems in Disarray Over DACA

As Democrats move toward an agreement that would allow DACA recipients to remain in the country, some of their more liberal members are in outright revolt.  The party’s left wing does not want anything to do with the three other pillars of a prospective deal – enhanced border security, and end to the visa lottery system, and a halt to chain migration.  The rebellious Democrats want their leaders to negotiate a “clean” bill that deals with DACA and nothing else, but President Trump has said that is off the table.  Despite the apparent chaos, Senators from both parties say they are nearing an agreement.

The Democrats’ Astounding About Face

An awful lot can change in eight years.  Today it is absolutely taboo for any Democrat to use the word “illegal” when referring to illegal immigrants.  But take a quick listen to Senator Chuck Schumer in 2009, when he was a warrior against “illegal aliens.”  What in the world happened, and when did Democrats decide that illegals are their most important constituency?

Major Change in Medicaid

The Trump administration announced this morning that states can force poor people receiving Medicaid to work or enroll in a training program.  Some states have long wanted to impose work requirements, but the Obama administration fought that idea.  There will surely be caterwauling and lawsuits from liberal groups that believe work requirements are somehow inhumane.

Gov Admits Affair, Denies Blackmail

Republican Governor Eric Greitens of Missouri has acknowledged carrying on an extramarital affair, but he is vigorously denying a report that he threatened his then-lover.  According to a local news outlet, Greitens said he would reveal nude photos of the woman if she ever went public with their affair.

New “Dossier” Allegations

Investigative reporter Sara Carter, who has been doggedly pursuing the anti-Trump “dossier” story, now reports that the salacious document was used by the FBI to obtain a warrant allowing the bureau to spy on the Trump campaign.  Carter claims that Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court relied at least in part on the fake dossier when it issued a warrant.  President Trump, of course, weighed in a few hours ago with one of his early morning tweets.

Voters Credit Obama With Economy

A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows that a plurality of voters believe President Obama is mostly responsible for the current economic situation, while fewer Americans give credit to President Trump.  Two-thirds of respondents say the economy is either “good” or “excellent,” which is a strikingly high number in historical terms.

Americans to Dems: Don’t Impeach

That same Quinnipiac poll also found that a slight majority of Americans do not want Democrats to begin impeachment proceedings if they regain the House of Representatives later this year.  Nevertheless, it’s an ominous sign for the president that 45% of voters believe impeachment is a good idea.

Black Incarceration Rate on the Decline

The Department of Justice is reporting that far fewer black Americans are behind bars than a decade ago.  White and Hispanic imprisonment rates have also dropped, although not as dramatically.  Prison reform advocates had been arguing that the USA was jailing too many people and keeping them behind bars for too long.  It will be interesting to determine whether there is any corresponding rise in crime now that fewer Americans are locked up.

Trump to Undergo Physical

President Trump is about to undergo his first physical exam since taking office nearly a year ago.  He will fly to the famed Walter Reed medical facility in Maryland tomorrow for a thorough medical exam.  To the chagrin of the president’s enemies and rivals, the exam will not include any kind of psychiatric analysis.  We will just have to take the president’s word that he is a “stable genius.”

USA Ultimatum to Iran

The Trump administration is demanding that Iran release protesters who were arrested during recent uprisings in various Iranian cities.  There have been widespread reports that Iranian authorities have tortured and even killed demonstrators during its brutal crackdown.  It has been estimated that nearly 4,000 Iranians were arrested.

Wolff Howls Over Book Sales

Michael Wolff, who vows that his book “Fire and Fury” will bring down the Trump presidency, claims that one-million copies of his book have been sold.  He also promises that many of the factual errors will be corrected for the next edition, but dismissed those mistakes as relatively inconsequential.

Americans Panic Over Retirement

People in their 40s and 50s are increasingly worried that they have not saved enough money and will never be able to retire.  The broker TD Ameritrade found that so-called “Gen-Xers” are very concerned about running out of money and have fallen way behind in their plans to stash away some dough for retirement.  Many other Americans, both younger and older, are also feeling very insecure about their savings.

But Does It Pass The Smell Test?

Americans worried about retirement or anything else may have some quick recourse right at their fingertips.  A new study shows that merely smelling your partner’s clothing can significantly reduce stress.  On the other hand, the whiff of a stranger’s clothing seems to inspire the opposite response.  Of course, Al Pacino didn’t need no stinkin’ study when he said pretty much the same thing 25 years ago.

Conway vs. Cuomo, Round Seven

For whatever reason, presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway seems to relish her occasional sparring matches with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.  Their latest verbal duel came last night, when the rivals went toe-to-toe once again.  One highlight came when Conway mocked CNN’s bizarre “apple and banana” ad.  We present part of the conversation for your viewing pleasure:

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