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Back to Work in DC; NFL Protests: They’re baaaaack!

Check out Bill’s Daily Briefing for Monday, November 27, where we round up the day’s biggest headlines for your perusal. Take a look.

Back to Work in DC

President Trump and members of Congress are back in Washington, faced with some daunting challenges.  Tax reform will of course will be on the docket, as will the effort to avoid a government shutdown.  Congressional leaders, Democrats and Republicans alike, are scheduled to meet with the president at the White House tomorrow to set the table for the coming month.

Trump in Moore’s Corner

President Trump has been lukewarm in his support for Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, but he is forcefully urging Alabama voters to avoid electing Moore’s Democratic rival Doug Jones.  The president is assailing Jones as weak on crime, weak on the boarder, and eager to raise taxes.  President Trump is also said to be at odds with his daughter Ivanka, who took a not-so-thinly veiled jab at Judge Moore last week.

The Agency With Two Heads

There is an escalating battle in Washington, where two people each believe they are the legitimate acting boss of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Outgoing director Richard Cordray named Leandra English as his successor and claims the job is hers.  But President Trump, saying he has the legal authority to do so, has picked White House budget director Mick Mulvaney for the position.  This has set up a showdown that will eventually be decided in court.

Stuart Smalley’s Apology Tour

Senator Al Franken made the rounds of Minnesota media outlets on Sunday, saying he is “embarrassed and ashamed.”  Franken, who is accused of groping and fondling various women, told Minnesotans that he will try to regain their trust.  The former ‘comic’ doesn’t face re-election until 2020.

Pelosi Defends John Conyers

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, putting partisanship above all else, went on Meet the Press Sunday and put forth a vigorous defense of 88-year-old Congressman John Conyers, the accused abuser she is now praising as an “icon in our country.”

Democrats Lead in ‘Generic’ Ballot

Based on the latest RealClearPolitics average of polls, Republicans face an uphill challenge in next year’s mid-term elections.  Right now Democrats have a double-digit lead when voters are asked which party they prefer.  That number is ominous because Republicans had a similar advantage eight years ago when they trounced Democrats in the middle of President Obama’s first term.

Koch Brothers: Their “Time” Has Come!

Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, the left’s much-feared bogeymen, will soon be owners of Time Inc. and all its publications.  The brothers, who are more libertarian than doctrinaire conservative, are the financial power behind the multi-billion-dollar deal.  Let the squealing begin!

President Trump vs Time

Even as Time Magazine ponders life under new ownership, it is engaged in a trifling feud with President Trump.  The president claims the magazine will ‘probably’ name him Person of the Year, but he won’t take part in the requisite interview and photo shoot.  The struggling magazine, however, disputes that claim and says it always leaves the selection a total surprise.

State Dept. to Ivanka: You’re On Your Own

Ivanka Trump is about to attend a summit on entrepreneurship in India, but Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is not sending a support team on the mission.  The budget-conscious State Department has been cutting back on all sorts of travel, but the Washington gossip mill is portraying this as more evidence of tension between Tillerson and the First Family.

FBI Negligent in Russian Hacks

The FBI, even though it was aware that dozens of American officials were targeted by Russian hackers in 2015 and 2016, failed to notify most of those individuals.  The Associated Press interviewed about 80 Americans who were among the targets of the hacking and found that only two of them were given a heads-up by the FBI.  A former intelligence official was dumbfounded by the revelation, saying, “You’ve got to tell your people, you’ve got to protect your people.”

Pentagon Overlooked Afghan Child Sex Abuse

There have long been suspicions that Afghanistan troops sexually abuse children.  It has now been revealed that the Pentagon tried to block a damning report about the sordid practice and instead created its own report that went far easier on the Afghanistan military.  The United States is required by law to stop providing aid to foreign military forces that violate human rights.

One Billionaire’s Push for Impeachment

Hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, a self-proclaimed ‘environmentalist’ who made much of his fortune investing in coal, is continuing his expensive and obsessive crusade for the impeachment of President Trump.  Steyer may run for the Senate from California and claims he is speaking for the American people.

NFL Protests: They’re baaaaack!

There is once again a bull market in National Anthem protests around the NFL.  19 players sat out or kneeled out the Anthem yesterday, which was way up from recent weeks.  The Seattle Seahawks led the league yesterday with 11 protesters, while the San Francisco 49ers had three players take a knee.  By the way, that is two more than the team’s total number of victories.

Racist Nurse Ousted

Taiyesha Baker, a nurse at an Indiana hospital, sent out a vile and hateful tweet in which she declared that white women are raising rapists, racists, and killers.  She charmingly advised those moms that their sons should be “sacrificed to the wolves.”  The hospital, after describing that message as “troubling,” has reportedly fired Baker.

Massage Chain Faces Accusations

Massage Envy, the franchise chain that provides millions of massages at more than 1,000 locations across America, is accused of botching claims of sexual assault by some of its therapists.  Nearly 200 women say they were groped, fondled, and worse by men who were supposed to be giving them therapeutic massages.

Saudi Arabia: New Sheriff in Town!

32-year-old Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, has vowed to make the Saudi brand of Islam more aligned with modernity.  He is also pledging a massive crackdown on worldwide terrorism carried out in the name of Islam, which he affirms is a “peaceful religion.”  The Saudis have assembled an anti-terror coalition of 40 predominantly Muslim nations, but Iran is conspicuously absent from that group.

Gotta Love Those Limousine Liberals!

Residents of Malibu, California, which may have the nation’s highest per-capita rate of smug self-righteousness, don’t want those pesky homeless people hanging around their fabulous neighborhoods and beaches.  A local church says it has been told by officials that its free meals were attracting far too many of, you know, the wrong kind of people.  Malibu is home to preachy liberals such as Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand.

The Great Pecan Pie Mystery

CNN analyst April Ryan, a fully-credentialed Trump-hater, has actually accused White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders of lyin’ about a pie.  After Sanders claimed that she had baked a yummy chocolate pecan pie for Thanksgiving, Ryan demanded photographic proof.  Then, when Sanders offered to bake another one just for Ryan, the reporter implied that it might be poisoned.  It’s hard to discern how much of this pie-in-tummy back-and-forth was tongue-in-cheek.

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