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A Most Unusual Negotiation; Coulter Savages Trump

Here is the Daily Briefing for Wednesday, January 10, where we round up the day’s biggest headlines for your perusal. Take a look.

A Most Unusual Negotiation

It seemed to catch nearly everyone by surprise, but the White House let cameras roll for nearly an hour yesterday as the president discussed immigration with leading members of Congress.  If the intent was to show a president in charge, the meeting certainly accomplished that.  But it left many unanswered questions about DACA and border security.  In the end, the president wants to see a bill that deals with four items:  DACA, a border wall, an end to the visa lottery system, and a total halt in chain migration.  The entire meeting is here:

Trump Endorses Earmarks

During that unusual televised negotiation yesterday, President Trump wondered aloud whether the parties would get along better if earmarks were brought back into the legislative process.  Earmarks, which enabled individual members of Congress to fund pet projects, were widely criticized before they were finally done away with in 2010.  Many conservative groups despise earmarks as symbols of runaway spending in the swamp.

Coulter Savages Trump

Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter, who has long urged President Trump to stand firm on immigration, derided yesterday’s meeting as “the lowest day in the Trump presidency.”  She accused the president of being far too accommodating with Democrats.

Federal Judge Blocks Trump on DACA

San Francisco-based Federal Judge William Alsup has ruled that DACA must continue, temporarily overruling President Trump’s attempt to shut down the program.  The Department of Justice insists that DACA was put in place illegally by the Obama administration without the approval of Congress.  The Trump administration will almost certainly appeal yesterday’s ruling.

Trump Files Slander Suits

President Trump, acting as a citizen and not as president, has sued BuzzFeed and the opposition research firm Fusion GPS.  The president’s private attorney, in announcing the suit last night, claims that BuzzFeed was “reckless” when it published the notorious anti-Trump “dossier” that was commissioned by Fusion GPS.  BuzzFeed’s editor Ben Smith defended his website and its decision to publish what he said is “unquestionably real news.”

South Korea Lauds Trump

South Korea President Moon Jae-in said today that President Trump deserves major credit for the recent thaw in the relationship between the two Koreas.  North Korea has announced that it will send a small delegation of athletes and entertainers to next month’s Winter Olympics in South Korea.  The two nations, who are officially still at war, may also sit down to discuss other vital issues.

Trump’s About Face on Offshore Drilling

Just days after announcing that offshore drilling will be permitted in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Trump administration now says Florida is a special case and will be off-limits to drilling.  There is speculation that pressure from Florida Governor Rick Scott and the importance of Florida in electoral math were the deciding factors in the sudden switch.

Border Apprehensions Way Down

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that border apprehensions dropped by 40% in President Trump’s first year.  DHS, boasting that apprehensions were lower than at any time in 45 years, credited President Trump’s determination to secure the border.

Google’s Biased “Fact Check” Software

With great fanfare, Google announced a new tool that would allow its search engine to fact check claims and allegations.  It turns out that the software is far more eager to check conservative sites and publications, while left-leaning outlets often get a pass.  Meanwhile, former Google engineer James Damore is suing the company for allegedly discriminating against conservatives and white men.  Damore was ousted by the tech giant after he wrote a scathing memo criticizing Google’s affirmative action policies that he says favor women and certain minorities.

NBC Will Show Any Super Bowl Kneeling

NBC, which will televise the upcoming Super Bowl, says it will definitely show any players who decide to kneel or sit during the National Anthem.  It has been a very tough year for the league in terms of ratings and attendance, so officials must be hoping that the big game features two non-kneeling teams.  Pink, who will be singing the Anthem at this year’s game in Minneapolis, will almost certainly stand during the entire song.

Robert De Niro, Anti-Trump Raging Bull

Actor Robert De Niro commandeered an awards show last night and derided President Trump with every obscenity known to man.  As an indication of his political awareness, De Niro praised the media and its “brave, exacting journalism.”  The actor stopped short of threatening physical violence against the commander-in-chief, which he had done previously.

Tuna Salad, Free Speech on the Side

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst, in all its collective wisdom, has decided that rallies and speeches will be permitted for one hour a day beginning at noon.  Some conservative students have sued the school for enacting the repressive policy.  The Daily Caller tried to reach university officials for comment, but they were apparently munching on organic sprouts under their desks.

One More Conspiracy Theory!!

Forget about government involvement in 9/11, never mind the CIA’s role in the JFK assassination.  The big conspiracy theory this week surrounds Monday night’s national championship game between Georgia and Alabama.  Many Georgia fans are convinced that the fix was in and that the referees went out of their way to help the Alabama Crimson Tide.  They point to various missed penalties and suspicious calls.  And they may have a point – the Alabama roster includes a player named Isaiah Buggs, who may well be a surveillance expert, and another player named Dallas Warmack.  Is it just a coincidence that he is named after the very city where JFK was killed?  You make the call.


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